Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Doorway To Infinity - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Actual Play - A Stars Without Number Campaign Session

The PC's were taken into the confidence of the Jeddak of the Sand Scorpions tribe this evening. This gang of cut throats and renegades has cut a swath through the deep deserts of Mars. Robbing settlements, trade caravans, and deep desert root scavengers. 
Into deep trouble the  PC's have fallen in with this  tribe and the Jeddak has hired the PC's to help recover a power source of a certain artifact from beyond Mars. 

Deep into the desert the tribe and PC's travel by APC until they reach the ruins of an ancient city. Time haunted and lost to the sands, this structure has only recently been uncovered. Once belonging to the Great Race of Yith this structure still holds one of their ancient dimensional gate ways that leads to a forgotten exo planet deep within another galaxy. 
A maze of ramps, inclines, and stonework, this weird ruin has parts of it melted beyond dreams and nightmares of sanity. 
At the far end stands a mist of weird swirling gases and a curtain of dimensional energy. 
The PC's step through and down the rabbit hole they travel.
In a screaming howl of dimensional energy their atoms travel at light speed through planar space and along ancient routes between planes.
Until they arrive at their destination seconds later. 
A weird storm wrecked forest greeted their eyes. The Doorway On To Tufhus IV had been opened for better or worse. 

The Ruins of Tufhus IV 
 This is an ancient exo planet wracked by storms. Once the home to an outpost of the Great Race millions of years ago. This planet is an Earth type but vastly different from even the partially terraformed world of Mars. 
File:Artist’s view of an exoplanet inspired by the discovery of Gliese 876 d.jpg
 Tufhus IV was a prototype world where the Great Race experimented with many different protypes of life and ancient thought to matter technology. The doorways to this world have been sealed for millions of years after many of the Race disappeared and only their artifacts were left behind. Now only their artifacts remain including many of the nanoweapons they left to guard their tomb worlds.
 This semi tropical world harbors vast forests haunted by the nano ghosts of the Great Race still guarding hidden underground bunkers some forty two levels cut into the red stone of this world. Silently waiting for masters who have moved forward in time and space. Many of their super science technologies humming away in the dark. There are also nano drones that patrol along the borders of the poles of this world among the hidden communication stations that are silent only sending out the occasional messages to others of their kind for masters who may or may not return.
There have been several attempts over the millions of years to settle this world by one race or another only to vanish into the ether after a night of hellish slaughter by unseen and unknown entities.
 Rumors of this world say that it is haunted and that there are time lost ghosts of the Great Race haunting it's shores. The hyperspace signatures of this world are strange and seem to echo in both time as well as space. This world has a similar signature to worlds where impelor bombs have been detonated. These weapons use a quantum singularity to suck a world into a miniature black hole where only a rift in the local time space continuum marks the spot.
 Those who have returned from this world report strange encounters with elemental beasts, time loss, and often members of their crews have been rendered insane.
Many have come away with super science artifacts that have made them rich. 

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