Thursday, April 24, 2014

Commentary On The Free Science Fiction Classic - The Star Conquerors By Ben Bova For Your Old School Science Fiction Campaign

Grab It Right Over
This is another part of the Winston collect and Ben Bova's first book. This one is a virtual blue print for the original Star Trek or even Star Trek The Next Generation.  We've got all of the classic 1950's science fictional elements in this one. This one is great fodder for your old science fiction retro clone games.

The Human race ventures into the universe and comes face to face with the Saurians the catpaws of  'the Masters'. This book is typical Fifties science fiction at its pulp best with all of the elements in line and waiting to be used. 
The Star Conquers makes an excellent blue print for X plorers where the alien hordes are threatening the very foundations of the galactic empire or as a threat in a game like Stars Without Number where the Saurians make another menace to throw at your PCs. 
There are plenty of twists and turns in this one to make it interesting enough to grab and read in a night and keep the ideas flowing. The sexism is a bit thick though with only the crew able to deal with all of those alien menaces but it must remembered that  this is a book from the Fifties. All in all this is really excellent stuff for an old school game to pull from. 

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