Monday, April 7, 2014

Retrofuture Inspiration Artwork From Japan For Your Old School Space And Post Apocalyptic Campaign

I was doing a bit of research for an upcoming campaign and stumbled upon this great set of Japanese retro future artwork from the 1930's through 1960's. These are great inspiration from a series of articles from Avi Abrams from the Dark Roasted Blend Site. These would work great for an old school  science fiction, post apocalyptic, or science fantasy campaign.
The article and artwork is available right over HERE

Nothing like  fire fighting robot/mecha for a  post apocalyptic game.

Nothing like a space rescue to add a bit of spice to a space based game. Weird cutting airlock tool from this space pod from a search and rescue organization. Also perfect for your space pirate gang as well. 

Spider based robotic alien colony ships from a piece of Japanese model art. I've used these things a few times in games and they intimate the hell out of players.

Science Fiction magazine covers were some extreme machines with some awesome transport and missile combat robotoid mecha. 

Deep Earth or Mining vessels from a Journey To The Center Of The Earth, these craft are really useful as relics for post apocalyptic game. They seem to enable PC's to get into lots of inner Earth trouble. I love the look of the legs on this craft. 

A bit of deep sea fishing,mining, and scavenging can be used as part of a space based game or as a post apocalyptic gaming. This craft is perfect for a coast tribe of mutant scavengers or some other under water salvage adventurers. It's oblivious a group with resources that has access to technological maintenance.

I've used mini planes as set pieces for action when managing space ports and other giant space space craft. One man planes are great for space games. They're easy to manufacture in a future setting, simple to store, and run on electrical power. Add in solar power for that eco friendly angle.
Street Level space ports and urban environments are often over looked in space games. This 1960s style article really has a 'George Jetson' retro future vibe going on. There are lots of details going in this piece of artwork and it would really give a DM plenty of room to expand this piece into a who encounter or adventure by itself.

Continuing the Jetson vibe here we've got an apartment that could be used as the basis for a bit of post apocalyptic fodder or an encounter for a computer interface in a space opera campaign.

We end with a venerable piece of artwork of a great combat space tank from the venerable artist 
  Shigeru Komatsuzaki 

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