Sunday, April 6, 2014

Marvel Star Wars/Carcosa Rpg Mash Up Using The OD&D rules - Actual Play Game Session Part II

Tonight's game with got my PC's right into the middle of the action with ghuls being flung around like rag dolls from telekinetic blasts being let go by the Jedi knights. The PC's finally made it to the armory and got a hold of their light sabers. The party in tonight's game separated into two groups and began the task of making their way to the secondary computer center aboard the destroy. The other group decided to make their way to the main hanger.

I had ten players for tonight and the PC's were almost overwhelmed a few times as ghuls slither out from under support structures, from behind doors, and seemed to be everywhere!
The  ship's systems were failing quickly and after a quick break into the destroyers computer and sensor suite's it was determined that the ship was headed for an asteroid just outside of the Carcosa system! 

 A check into the destroyers bays revealed that there were a number of Imperial Shuttles available but it was also the area with the greatest ghul infestation. Then one of the Jedi made a critical error botching his dice roll and sub combed to the caress of  the ghul horde.
Ravis Chor was devoured at seven pm this evening! Now only nine jedi remained and they were determined to find out what was powering the ghuls. The PC's noticed that each time a ghul was cut down it was regenerating like a troll.
Meanwhile key systems  were failing fast including life support and heat in certain sections of the ship! 

The subsidiary reactor was hemorrhaging fuel and several of the ghuls melted from the radioactivity pouring out of that section when a bulk head door solved the problem. 
Two of the jedi managed to break into the star destroyer commander's office as this was going on. They were able to determine that the star destroyer was transporting a bone man sorcerer that was the head of a cult of Hastur in the middle of the Dantoinne system. Among his belongings were items from some unknown primitive society and others that were far more sophisticated then anything that Imperial Empire was capable of creating at this time.
 Further records indicated that the man had been executed just four days before coming on board, There were objects that they had taken from the fool of a sorcerer and he was executed in the morning before the arrival of the PC's. A curse had been leveled on the ship by the sorcerer and suddenly the crew of the star destroyer had become violently ill.
The disease spread like wild fire among the crew. There were certainly video records showing the speed of the outbreak. Certain key officials from the ship escaped the worst of the carnage.
 The destroyer was lurching this way and that. The PCs got the idea that their time was limited and that's when they found the 'eagle'.
A statue of an alien bird surfaced in a search of the commander's cabin. The thing was  of Cacosian manufacture. An odd metal statue or fetish from some backwards tribe. The problem was that the PC failed his saving throw and became infected with ghul plague! The player was more then a bit panic struck by this. And he also found the activation codes for the Imperial shuttles. But now he had to find a cure and fast! His skin was beginning to drop off in bits and pieces.

The other PC's were going down to engineering to try and fly the star destroyer and that's when they ran smack into the bone man sorcerer who was still aboard the ship!

To be continued this week! 


  1. This Star Wars/Carcosa-Crossover is a really nice idea.

    This encourages me for my Carcosa/Planet Algol/Metal Earth/Warhammer 40k-Crossover.

  2. Gee thanks for the comments - The cross over game keeps me and my players happy and really that's all that counts.
    The resources over at the Original Dungeons and Dragons edition forums might help you with your campaign. Especially the Star Wars using the OD&D rules section and the Jedi character class as well in the Carcosa section.
    Planet Algol has several options for PC's in space games from when Human Space Empires hit the internet. You might want to check those out.
    Metal Earth has several PC classes that emulate the kinda feel you seem to be going for. A bit of advice though.
    I find that using source elements one at a time is much more productive and fun. It can get very frustrating when cramming all that awesomeness in one place.
    I'd be happy to give you any further assistance to tell you where to go with your campaign Logan.
    Thanks again for the comments

    1. Yes, thank you, Needles. I think the better main theme would be "Warhammer 40k/Carcosa/Tekumel" - with some "Heavy Metal" and "Dune"-Elements.

      And go on, man! Your work is just awesome! :D

  3. Well the answer to all your cross over needs comes under one easy to use heading Logan - Space Hulks. These giant ships sailing through the warp might pick up entire elements from all three and not break the setting at all. The ship might be a minor bio sphere of Carcosa and Tekumel elements at war with each other. Space Hulks also make great mega dungeons or mini campaigns. They can take a party months or weeks to explore. Elements from Dune or 40K can be added or subtracted as needed. With style of play the ship's origin might be from the 'Human Space Empires' era of Tekumel. That adds a bit of old school cred to the origin of ship. The idea here is to not go overboard on the 40K elements. Add in Spawn from Carcosa for boss monsters and a few minor Tekumel monsters and your ready to rock.


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