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Shark Bait A Post Apocalyptic Encounter For The Mutant Future Rpg Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Rpg Campaign

File:Pensacola Beach, Florida after Hurricane Dennis in 2005.jpg

The ruins of Pensacola Beach may seem like an unlikely spot for one of the most dangerous mutant strains around but the Floridian waters are home to Hammerheads. A strain of sharkoid that is very dangerous and very valuable.
Blue green clear waters are home to this bloodthirsty breed and after the Final Wars the Hammer head population exploded. They are found in both the waters around the former state and occasionally hunting along the beaches.
No humanoid is safe from these stalking mutants. They will track, scare, and hunt prey for days picking off parties of adventurers at their leisure. They kill for both sport and to get a high from the fear of their prey. But this has become a two edged sword for these creatures.
File:Aerial view of Hernando Beach, Florida.jpg
The Hammer heads have several organs which collect and store the fear and adrenaline from their prey as they devour the unfortunates.  A new drug can be created from the brain matter of these monsters. The refinement process can only be refined and processed by certain types super science equipment. The high generated from the drug Blood Tide is quick, intense, and almost instantly addictive. The drug generates a sense of invulnerability and has some  regenerative properties.
The stuff adds +1 to Wisdom and Intelligence rolls but only temporary as the brain tries to ride the roller coaster combination of fear,adrenaline and exotic brain chemicals. Costs 100 gold pieces per vial with seven doses available per container available.
'The Appex' a cabal of super scientists are paying 40 gold pieces per carcass of Hammer head but the so called 'Shark hunters' adventurers foolish enough to hunt these monsters often find the tables turned on them.
 'The Appex'  is also offering looting rights to the underwater kingdom of Miami along with so called 'Disney World' maps of the lost kingdom. The Shark Hunts often end in tears and blood however.
 Most often an abandoned post apocalyptic boat is found floating days later after a mission to catch and kill these monsters.
The Floridian waters beckon and sparkle under the Post Apocalyptic Sun.

More Information on these mutant horrors right over
No. Enc: 1d6
Alignment:  Chaotic
Movement: 90' (30')
                    180’ (60’) Swim
AC: 4
HD: 15
Attacks: 3 (1 bite and 2 claws)
Damage: 3d6 / 2d4+1d3 / 2d4+1d3
Save: L15
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: VII, XVIMutations: Aberrant form (amphibious lungs, natural weapons, xenomorphism: chimera), asexual, dietary requirement change (living flesh), increased senses (smell), natural armor.Source: Hammerhead (2005)


  1. Very nice! Strangely, I visited Santa Rosa Beach this week - we were going to return to the old stomping grounds in P'cola but we both hate the place

    I worked at the Pensacola Beach Hilton for a couple of months during graduate school - the people that vacation there have all the money and none of the class of the more traditionally wealthy.

    There is an old fort - Fort Pickens - that you could use as the culmination of this adventure - the place is spooky and evocative and worth a look

  2. Oddly I live in Pensacola. Another great location for a Android would be our Center For Human and Machine Cognition. They have actual functional robots right downtown. Also the Center for Information Dominance is a Navy Tech Center in town and good location for a A.I. overlord. Nearby Gulf Breeze had UFO sightings in the 1990's but they are just old drone pro-types. There is the Naval Aviation Museum with a wide range of aircraft and some space vehicles. Maybe a mutant warlord uses them as his air force to subdue the Hammerheads.

  3. Noah Stevens that fort is perfect for some up coming mutant mayhem that I've got happening in the whiles of Florida! I understand completely what your saying about some of the vacationers there. I've got family down in that area of Florida and I've heard those same complains! That old fort is perfect!

  4. Friar Deep I'm taking notes because those locations sound perfect for a Thundarr The Barbarian style wizard to do a bit of raiding to secure his own technologically advanced super science army!
    Nothing like 1990's proto type drones to put the fear of the space gods into some nearby villagers and search for your own private stock of Hammer heads if your a wizard or mutant warlord! Thank you for the heads up on those locations because I'll be using them in an up coming MF game adventure!


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