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1d30 Random Encounter Table Of Remains From Azathoth The Blind And Idiot God For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery and Space Opera Campaigns

1d30 Random Encounter Table Of Remains From Azathoth The Blind And Idiot God 
  1. A large alien city block of burnt out and abandon organic buildings tumbles through space. There are ancient shadows on the walls of buildings. Here and there are glowing lights that can be seen in windows. There is 40% chance of encountering undead or some other horror of insanity left behind. 
  2. A giant 50 meter long giant alien skull scrubbed clean of all traces of decay. The thing however has giant gems for eyes and these things seem to glow with an inner light as if from some long dead soul. 
  3. A miasma of slime, jellies, and vapors clings to each other but seems to be pulling apart and fighting with themselves. The touch of one of these things inflicts radiation  burns and dissolves melt. Flesh runs like hot wax under the touch of such things 
  4. A strange cloud flows through the night sky, this thing is a riot of insanity, colours, and horrors beyond imaging. The night sky is full of the stuff for a moment and then it begins to float gently down from up in the upper atmosphere. The stuff has a horrid scent, and it seems obscenely alive and full of alien possibilities. Almost human shapes beckon from within it. 
  5. A 500 ton rock of gold tumbles through space, scattered across it's surface are still living alien humanoid beings screaming silently into space. A closer look reveals parts and pieces of buildings, technological items, and worse. 
  6. A giant alien insectoid arm hundreds of meters long with horrid burns found on the thing here and there. The thing is partially alive yet and twitches every once in a while. Something strange is clutched in its digits. 
  7. A semi digested building tumbles end over end. The still living remains of zombies clutch helplessly to unlife as they scream silently through space. 
  8. A giant space craft bits and pieces of it missing silently sails on ward ever on ward. The half missing tail section is still on fire as jets of plasma leak endlessly into space. There are five second transmissions coming from it over the FTL communication bands. 
  9. A section of a small American town is half melted and turned to glass in the cold depths of space. There are buildings untouched here and there. While burnt out trees all around and embedded skeletons half sticking out of the pavement of the place. A faint radio signal plays some forgotten golden oldie from 1954. 
  10. An alien sky scraper tumbles end over end. It is in perfect shape except that the windows of the structure are living eyes. They look out into the universe and the structure almost seems to be breathing raggedly and it seems in pain. 
  11. A giant burnt out carcass of some 100 meter long space going creature. The half rotten carcass is covered over in hundreds of thousands of teeth marks resembling arcane writing. 
  12. A small red school house perfectly preserved floats through space on a small parcel of land. The glowing red eyes of school children look out here and there from the windows of the place as it floats away. 
  13. A single radioactive humanoid skeleton made out of emerald floats through space. The bones have been strung with golden wire. The thing almost seems alive because it is! The thing will move with a life of it's own. 
  14. A giant gem with a small living humanoid inside of it. He beats soundlessly against the middle of the gem. There are pieces of alien flesh on the side of the gem. 
  15. An entire alien space craft floats and tumbles through space. There are thousands of bite marks across the surface of the vessel. One lone captain waves to anyone who sees the bridge just as he eats a human hand. 
  16. An incredibly complex looking device hundreds of meters long vibrates, moves, and malfunctions as it moves through space only to jump into a higher dimension seconds later. There is a burst of alien static and some chatter on subspace radio but then it's as if the thing never existed it. 
  17. Millions of alien corpses float through space, their faces all locked in stares of horror and all with almost the exact same look of absolute and utter terror. 
  18. A 1957 Ford green car with it's headlights working and the radio playing. The interior is covered in gigantic blood splatters which have freeze dried in place. There is a thumping coming from the trunk of the car. 
  19. A giant phallic looking organic organ belonging to some giant alien creature. There is what appears to be a large bite taken out of the organ. It is 50 meters long and rotten looking. 
  20. A giant fleet of Chinese junks with hundreds of net's used for fishing flayed and burnt. Each vessel is lit with a halo of St.Elmo's fire and moment's later they all vanish without a trace. 
  21. A perfectly preserved corpse of an android. The positronic matrices of the thing is locked into a series of sub routines of abject insanity and horrors. The thing seems locked into a horrid nightmare. 
  22. A flash frozen corpse of a woman whose clothes seem from the 1980's. Amazingly here corpse while dead support's a still living mind. The corpse while dead is host to a very dangerous alien organism. 
  23. A giant whose 45 meter corpse is home to several alien species which worship the blind and idiot god who placed them on this mound of rotting meat. They will begin singing Azathoth's praises the second anyone finds them and try to drive crazy any one they happen upon. The corpse occasionally twitches in time to their singing. 
  24. A bound and chained being whose actually a living sacrifice for the idiot god. The living being will try to sacrifice itself and murder anyone it comes across. The thing is utterly insane and only wishes to murder in the name of it's god. 
  25. Three hundred tons of burnt and melted office equipment along with the manager's corpse who was drained into the dimensional vortex. The corpse of the being will raise as a zombie in seventy two hours. 
  26. A preserved living brain of some ancient wizard locked with a glowing jar of liquid. The wizard will try to mentally possess anyone it comes across. The wizard will try to sacrifice anyone to the idiot god for some great favor. 
  27. An ancient preserved corpse of a samurai warrior in full armor who is fused to said armor. The samurai is seeking his lost love who was a sacrifice to the ancient horror.  He needs the support of some very special individuals to find her. He needs your help. 
  28. A small silver craft with it's cyborg pilot who has been rendered insane after being eaten and excreted by the ancient idiot god. He is seeking something but has lost all purpose as to what. The cyborg has a collection of valuable alien artifacts. It is unsure of it's purpose but will murder anyone wearing the colour blue. 
  29. The still sleeping form of a star spawn of Cthulhu, it will awaken if disturbed. In it's claws it clutches a rod of rulership belonging to Cthulhu
  30.  A refried but living larva of the Outer God's and the thing is hatching. It will be hungry and very dangerous as well as trying to spread insanity wherever it can. 

By H. P. Lovecraft

When age fell upon the world, and wonder went out of the minds of men; when grey cities reared to smoky skies tall towers grim and ugly, in whose shadow none might dream of the sun or of spring’s flowering meads; when learning stripped earth of her mantle of beauty, and poets sang no more save of twisted phantoms seen with bleared and inward-looking eyes; when these things had come to pass, and childish hopes had gone away forever, there was a man who travelled out of life on a quest into the spaces whither the world’s dreams had fled.

      Of the name and abode of this man but little is written, for they were of the waking world only; yet it is said that both were obscure. It is enough to know that he dwelt in a city of high walls where sterile twilight reigned, and that he toiled all day among shadow and turmoil, coming home at evening to a room whose one window opened not on the fields and groves but on a dim court where other windows stared in dull despair. From that casement one might see only walls and windows, except sometimes when one leaned far out and peered aloft at the small stars that passed. And because mere walls and windows must soon drive to madness a man who dreams and reads much, the dweller in that room used night after night to lean out and peer aloft to glimpse some fragment of things beyond the waking world and the greyness of tall cities. After years he began to call the slow-sailing stars by name, and to follow them in fancy when they glided regretfully out of sight; till at length his vision opened to many secret vistas whose existence no common eye suspects. And one night a mighty gulf was bridged, and the dream-haunted skies swelled down to the lonely watcher’s window to merge with the close air of his room and make him a part of their fabulous wonder.

      There came to that room wild streams of violet midnight glittering with dust of gold; vortices of dust and fire, swirling out of the ultimate spaces and heavy with perfumes from beyond the worlds. Opiate oceans poured there, litten by suns that the eye may never behold and having in their whirlpools strange dolphins and sea-nymphs of unrememberable deeps. Noiseless infinity eddied around the dreamer and wafted him away without even touching the body that leaned stiffly from the lonely window; and for days not counted in men’s calendars the tides of far spheres bare him gently to join the dreams for which he longed; the dreams that men have lost. And in the course of many cycles they tenderly left him sleeping on a green sunrise shore; a green shore fragrant with lotus-blossoms and starred by red camalotes.


  1. Very, very nicely done! You create some incredible random tables. this one was particularly inspired.

  2. Thanks and I've got more Lovecraft space inspired random goodness coming up. There's some more space going adventures to be played tonight!


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