Friday, April 18, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free Dragon Foot OSR Resource - Dragonsfoot Book Of Names (2007) For Your Old School Campaign

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Dragon Foot Blurb:
A list of useful names of people and places.
Having to many books of Names is never a bad thing for a DM this free resource give hundreds of names that can be used for any game system. This is truly a system agnostic download and is very useful for old school campaigns.
 According to the introduction in the Pdf 
Welcome to the Dragonsfoot Book of Names! Many members of the Dragonsfoot Forums at have submitted names from their own campaigns to be 
included in this document. Hopefully this will help you in naming the many characters who 
come and go in your games.

This clocks in at about ten pages, the layout is typical Dragon foot which means that it's easy to read, use, and download. Look as a DM which ever your old school poison might be your going to need names, place, etc. This list evens those odds and gives you a ton of options for naming things especially useful for NPC's.
Right at the moment I'm working on some new adventures for an upcoming campaign and this resource came in very handy.
Grab it while you can and see what you can use from it. Its really a handy little resource to have on your hard drive or mobile device. Even though its from '07. The material here is solidly done and comes in handy when you might need it. A nice little free download. 

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