Saturday, April 12, 2014

Marvel Star Wars/Carcosa Rpg Mash Up Using The OD&D rules - Actual Play Game Session Part III

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Tonight's session had the characters on the run again from the ghul horde and sealing bulk heads behind them. The  PC's made it into the hangers and sealed doors behind them as they were dealing with a horde controlled by a Boneman sorcerer.
The background is that this sorcerer was a prisoner aboard the ship on his way to an Imperial research facility. He'd been released along with some other prisoners.
 The PCs were a bit skeptical of the Imperial shuttle they found. And also they didn't want this plauge to get out into the normal space lanes.
So it became apparent they were going to have to blow the reactor. The PC who'd become infected with ghul plague last session volunteered to stay behind and allow the PC's to escape.
The PC's sealed the fetish in the Captain's cabin and others began prep work to get the shuttle operational. 

 The infected PC had a fun time crawling through ventilation shafts and dealing with the occasional ghuls roaming the halls below him. It was tense going made only more tense by the following encounter table.
Roll on the chart every three rounds to keep things interesting. 

1d10 Random Ventilation Encounters Chart 
  1. 1d4 skinless ghul stormtroopers crawling through the metal shafts. They make a horrid sound as they claw their way towards you. 
  2. An air hose let's loose. Lose a round as the thing scares your PC needlessly
  3. A half eaten body part. There is a 10% chance of being infected by ghul plague if handling it. There's a lovely ring with an expensive looking gem on the end of the middle digit 
  4. A storm trooper ghul bursts through a side ventilation shaft. It means to devour you and it's so very hungry. 
  5. A sticky imperial blaster rifle with half ammo. 
  6. A series of random noises and the ship lurches this way and that.  You seem to be spinning for a moment. 
  7. A cry for help comes from a side shaft.  It's a trap! The pleading cry leads to 1d6 ghuls! They lie in wait for any fool answering this call. 
  8. A very hungry and leg less horror crawls its way toward your PC! 
  9. An imperial stormtrooper helmet, it appears intact! But there's a ghul head inside! If you move it. There is a 20% chance it will attack and try to bite. It can only do this once. 
  10. A ghul horde of 1d10 monsters has broken into the shaft and they will do anything to reach you. 
The PC's got the shuttle going just as a ghul horde burst into the room from another ventilation shaft! They flooded the room with the shuttle's engines just as their colleague reach engineering!

Tarvis Raltha valiantly fought the horde he found in engineering and then died a hero's death by plunging his light saber into a near by plasma tank on the reactor. The ship started to blow and the shuttle seemed to break free of the Destroyer's gravity well.
~ BOOM! ~
The other Jedi began the careful task of searching the shuttle and while the thing was fully equipped they began the task of going over the whole ship.
 The PC's had no idea where they were but we ended the session with the jedi looking out the window and seeing this. 

Next Stop Carcosa! 

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