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Encounter With The Neo Caravans of The Scalies - A Scalies Encounter From The Deathland Series of Books For Mutant Future Rpg & Your Old School Post Apocalypse Games

This is part of a series of encounters others in the series include the following:

The Neo Caravans of the Scalies are a common sight across the vast American deserts from the Ruins of Vagas through what remains of California. Scales move across the desert sands on mutant camels bringing trade goods, mail, and seeking trade. PC's who encounter these master traders are likely to be in for a treat as Scalies set up tent cities just outside of post apocalyptic settlements and often they will be advertising for adventurers and salvagers. Often times these traders collect information, artifacts, legends, and vast networks of contacts. Neo caravans are often the only sources of new information to isolated or distant desert communities.
Whole families sometimes make their living by seasonal journeys with Neo Caravans. Scalies pick up and drop off specialty workers who use these caravans as safe travel methods from place to place. 
There are often a ton of job opportunities for adventurers within Neo Caravans.
File:Desert caravan LCCN2001705578.tif
1d10 Random Job Opportunities The Neo Caravans of The Scalies

  1. A scaly warlord is looking for adventurers to help him with the recovery of some military weaponry from some ruins. He is willing to pay in trade goods or gold. 
  2. A matron scale mother is looking for a mate for her daughter. She wishes an adventurer to prove himself with the recovery of a familial treasure. There is also a small gold reward for those who might help in this adventure.
  3. A team of scaly adventurers has been lost in the desert and a recovery team is being gathered perhaps you can join there is a reward of services upon recovery of the party. 
  4. A pack of mutant demon wolves is slaughtering cattle along the Mexico border and hunters are needed. Trade in food animals is being offered. 
  5. A group of scaly warrior women has found a brand new ruin in the South West desert and is offering to split anything found. 
  6. A group of mutant missionaries has gone missing and a band of outlaws is threatening a nearby village. A group of 1d4 mercenary warrior women is looking for others to help them as well as mates among the strongest adventurers. There is a small sum of gold and a chance for honor among them. 
  7. A gang of scaly cut throats has blackened the name of a local tribe and adventurers are needed to put things right. A small cache of pre holocaust items is being offered as a reward. 
  8. A mutant sheep herder who trades with the local scaly tribes is being threatened by purists and a group of adventurers is needed to help bring his herd to market. 1d6 gold pieces is being offered for services. 
  9. A group of scaly scouts and advanced traders is going into unknown lands and caravan guards are needed. A split of trade rights is being offered. 
  10. A cult of scaly Lovcraftian entity worshipers is looking for mates and sacrifices  under the guise of adventurers needed for the exploration of ruins. Fabulous rewards are being offered. 

The Dark Side Of The Neo Caravans 

File:Caravan crossing a desert.jpg
The Umshafal  are groups of renegade scaly caravans who specialize in slave trade, black market goods, and have a very evil reputation among mutant kind. They often trade for live slaves which become prey,breeding stock and the most vile of ancient weapons.
These reptilian bastards train and use mutant terrorists of the worst stripe to act as terror troops for acts of sabotage and terrorism. They have very bad reputations among their own kind and are hunted down whenever found. They often operate within some of the most dangerous parts of the Great Salt Lakes region and there are standing bounties among legitimate  Neo Caravans for proof of the destruction of these beings who bring shame and dishonor to the name Scalies among the wastes. 

The Umshafal prey upon their own kind and others. They are prime opportunists who use the cover of the Neo caravans to spread terror, horror, and depravity among the wastelands. 

No. Enc: 2d6 or 16d10 in communities

Alignment:  Neutral

Movement: 120’ (40’)

AC: 4 or by armor
HD: 9
Attacks: by weapon or bite, claw, claw
Damage: by weapon or 2d6, 1d8 / 1d8
Save: L9
Morale: 11
Hoard Class:VI (100% coins), VIII, XIV, always 1d3 weapons (melee or primitive firearms), 75% if 1d2 high tech weapons, and 50% 1 artifact armor.

Mutations: Aberrant Form (natural weapons), bizarre appearance (d), dietary requirement change (living food) (d), natural armor (modified), regenerative capability (modified), vulnerability to cold (d)
Source: Deathlands series    

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