Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Two Random Battle Star Galactica Deep Space Find Tables For Your Old School Space Opera Campaign

We've got two deep space random salvage tables for your old school space based games, for when you want to inject a bit of that Galactica magic into your games.
 Comes in two flavors old school and the new! 

Original 1d10 Battle Star Galactica Deep Space Find Table 

  1. Flight atmosphere wings from a Viper space fighter with lots of carbon scoring on the edges. Mostly serviceable though. 200 credits to the right buyer. 
  2. Laser cannon array with the lens mostly intact from a Viper fighter. 300 credits to the right buyer. 
  3. One slightly used space shuttle from a Galatica class war ship. Almost brand new. Name of shuttle Astro. 1000 credits 
  4. A mostly intact Cylon warrior armored form. Headcomputer blown but robotic arrays and armature intact . 100 credits to collector market. 
  5. Cylon battle computer off of a Cylon fighter. 100 credits to a collector. 20% chance of the thing trying to take over any computer systems it comes in contact with. 
  6. A bridge computer from the Battle Star Atlantis most data files intact including courses to Kobol. 400 credits to the right collector 
  7. A very badly burned Colonial warrior heavy laser pistol. Needs extensive work. 100 credits. 1d6 points of damage, nine shots, 40 yard range 
  8. A battle drone daget type  used in observation. 100 credits to a collector. 3 hit point AC:8 
  9. Intact Cylon head, very malevolent and dangerous if attached to a computer system otherwise harmless. 50 credits to a collector 
  10. A Seal of the Ancients - This piece of jewelry is a psychic amplifier and adds +1 to all psychic powers . 500 credits to a collector. Also cursed with bad luck however. 

New Battle Star Galactica Television Series  Deep Space Find Table

  1. Humanoid arm with weird genetic traces of nanomachine units with it. 300 credits to the right collector 
  2. The remains of a Cylon fighter ship with it's A.I. mostly intact. The ship's A.I. has a lawfully evil predatory alignment and is very dangerous 
  3. A Colonial viper's laser cannon mostly intact and with heavy damage to the lens array. 200 credits to the right collector 
  4. A slug thrower belonging to a Colonial Warrior heavily used and out of ammo. 100 credits to a collector 1d4 damage 7 shots 20 yard range 
  5. Landing struts from a Colonial fighter 40 credits 
  6. An intact shuttle craft from Caprica with heavy carbon scoring on the side. Needs work. There is a cylon A.I. intelligence still lingering in the computer systems and it will try to take over any humanoid mind it comes into contact with. 500 credits for the shuttle. 
  7. Cylon laser cannon off of a fighter. Mostly intact 300 credits but it needs some work on the focus assemblies 
  8. Mostly intact old style Cylon warrior, needs work and will awaken very pissed off. 200 credits to the right collector 
  9. Jacket belonging to a Colonial Warrior/pilot  +2 to all luck rolls. Very nice shape. 100 credits to  the right collector 
  10. A star map showing the location of a very rich salvage. The wreckage of a Battle Star Galactica. Registry name is unknown however. 300 credits and possibly a fake.

This blog entry isn't meant as a challenge or infringement to the properties of the owners of the trademark or copyright of either of the Battle Star Galactica but a homage and parody of one of my all time favorite series. This entry is for entertainment purposes only. 

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