Monday, April 21, 2014

It Came From The Dollar Comic Bin- Slash Maraud Issue #1 From DC Comics Commentary For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns


Set the way back machine to 1987 and DC comics was trying to find a bit more of its own identity. The really important comic book series were coming out and it was a time of a great deal of experimentation. This was a limited run six issue series on that new paper that was all the rage and it was by Doug Moench
and Paul Gulacy. I kept seeing adds like the ones below in other D.C. comics at the time.

It wasn't until about  90 something that I actually got my hands on the comic series. At the time I was working in that infamous video store in a back street of Boston. I was renting  a ton of science fiction bargin basement movies at the time. It was the second part of the golden age of the rental back then. The comic series takes it cues from everything awesome in the 80's and a throw back to those old time science fiction films with a good dash of the pulp thrown in for good measure.
Issue one of Slash find us looking into the world of  Slash Maraud and co. The Earth has been terraformed by a race of aliens known as the Shapers. A race of shape shifters who can assume the appearance and form of anyone. Imagine that the dopplegangers of AD&D first edition  monster manual had super science and bad attitude then you'd get the Shapers. They look like a Jim Henson muppetoid on steroids.


Slash Maraud is a combination of every bad Eighties hero stereo type rolled into one character who is trekking across what remains of the United States to a human resistance cell. Issue one ends on a cliff hanger.
The terraform Earth is a perfect example of what you can do with Mutant Future. Gene spliced mutated dinosaurs are just some of the elements that waiting for PC's, man eating plants, and much more is just waiting in the background of this comic.
I've read that this comic didn't age well, actually I think that its got everything that was awesome from the 80's put into a blender set on weirdness. Mutant Future has about 90% of what we find between the covers of this limited six issue series.
There are quite a few post apocalyptic old school systems that can handle this setting. Mutant Epoch can also handle this setting.
Imagine the PC's as a party of resistance fighters as a cell. Mercenary work is also another option for this type of campaign.

This post is not a challenge to DC comics or any of the copyright or trade mark  holders. This post is for entertainment purposes only. Thanks. 


  1. That is amazing! I never saw this back in the day. The power of the 80's is strong in this one.

    The design on the main character looks like Hitman, especially with the green trench coat. I wonder if Garth Ennis was a fan.

  2. Yeah it's an old favorite of mine Fractalbat. The power of the 80's was a part of this series back in the day, from Roger Corman Post Apocalyptic films, to American Gladiators, science fiction classics like Escape from New York, are all in the covers of this one.
    As for the Garth Ennis connection with the character of Hit Man anything might be possible. I don't know if Ennis was working with DC at the time or he was a fan of Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy but anything is possible. There are lots of concepts that over the years seem to get recycled in comics. I've got more post apocalyptic action coming up tomorrow.

  3. I think I may have these around somewhere . . . I will have to see about finding them and rereading the series just for fun. Thanks for the reminder of strange comics past.

  4. I'm going to be covering the whole series seaofstarsrpg every Monday. Then go into some other 'treasures' pass from the long box. Glad I could remind you of this old limited series from the annals of yesteryear.


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