Monday, April 28, 2014

Revisiting Devastation Drive In A Free Download For Mutant Future and Other Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Devastation Drive-In: This 56-page book features 21 creatures from some truly horrific B-films including: Blood Beast, Blood Freak, It's Alive, Octoman, Prophecy, Robot Monster, The Astro-Zombies, Uninvited, The Stuff and The Incredible Melting Man. The download is free and full of info on these films as well as Mutant Future conversions for each monstrosity.

The blog a Field Guide To Doomsday is one of those blogs that I visit regularly. The owner is a friend of mine on Facebook and I've recently been revisiting his creations from a couple of Halloweens ago. Devastation Drive In is one of those incredibly warped supplements for Mutant Future that seems to come out of the post apocalyptic mutant community of old school gamers. 
Since I worked in a video rental place back in the 90's in hell blasted section of Chinatown in Boston  these films were always in rotation. I've been revisiting them in this supplement and getting them put into action with my players trapped in Seoul Korea. I'm filling the ranks out with some of these monsters.. The ones getting a workout in my campaign are the Carnovirus, Octoman, All Terrain Piranha, and the Man O'were. 
The author did a bang up job with em and really gets into the midnight mood of these monsters. Some solid ideas are in this wonderful little free download.
My players are not going to be happy tonight. Anyhow give it a try there is some great stuff in there! 


  1. You not only use one beastie, but multiple? Really?

    Sweet dang, I'm flattered! Awesome.

  2. Your monsters are part of a mini campaign and are being used as part of shall we say lesser fodder to populate the alleys,dockside, and urban areas of Seoul Korea. Read more over here.
    Your welcome and there's another wrinkle to this one coming up tomorrow!


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