Sunday, November 16, 2014

Brand New 1d10 Deep Wasteland Rusty Gold & Salvage Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Here is a table of deep wasteland finds that can lure a party into the wastes by being right out in the open. 'Rusty Gold' artifacts can draw adventurers and relic hunters deep into the wastes for objects that some restoring society, repair man, or salvagers might need to complete their latest project but these objects can come with a price.
 These items might be within dangerous mutant tribal lands, the objects of feuds, or even sacred objects to certain monsters or individuals.Many might see these things as 'retirement plans' or valuable collectibles. These objects might be a window into the past before the apocalypse  

1d10 Deep Wasteland Rusty Gold &  Salvage Table
  1. Ancient pre apocalyptic giant mecha whose taken some incredible damage but has some valuable super science systems throughout the fifteen meter tall giant artifact. The thing is the home to several dangerous fungus and weird mutant species. This thing is claimed as a god by several local tribes of wasteland warriors. 
  2. A giant former wizard's super science war machine that is now the home of some wasteland scavenger monstrous wolf type creatures. The thing has a ton of valuable salvage within it. 
  3. A rusting tank/mecha thing that has a very bad reputation among the locals as haunted. The thing is actually haunted and its ancient ghostly crew haunts it on nights of the full cracked moons. The crew of ghouls rises up and will murder anyone they come across. A few valuable pieces of salvage and relics can be found. 
  4. The wreckage of an ancient military bus is half buried and unknown to anyone this thing is actually salvageable and can be made to work. The bus's systems are so simple that with a year's cleaning it can be made to run. There is a cursed item within the thing and then there's the ancient undead still waiting to get to their destinations. 
  5. A downed sky chariot complete with anti gravity drive is half buried in a mountain. The thing however is the property of an ancient lich lord wizard who has plans for it 'someday'. There are 1d8 nearby warrior tribes who watch over it. 
  6. A wrecked relic train on its side sticks out of an ancient forest. The thing is valuable for the scrap alone but its infected with mutant mold and flesh eating slime. There are 1d4 ancient relics scattered around the area. 
  7. Part of a massive ancient's anti gravity drive system is sitting out in the middle of the wastes and while it has been exposed to the elements might be made to work again. However its being used as a shrine by several local shamans and is guarded by a massive elemental mutant beast or so local legend goes. 
  8. A massive skeleton of an ancient's structure sits out in the middle of the wastes and a combat relic truck sits within. The thing is rusted out but in tact and could be towed out. But a tribe of undead have actually moved the thing in to lure adventurers into a feasting trap. There are also 1d10 minor relics scattered around the area. The undead sleep during the day and a tribe of minor mutant beings attends their needs. They worship the undead as 'gods'. 
  9. This pre apocalyptic hover/antigrav vechile has crashed eons ago and is now the 'retirement plan' for a nearby tribal chief but he's willing to allow adventurers to pick through for relics if their willing to clear out the mutant fungus monsters that inhabit the place. There are 1d6 minor relics scattered throughout. 
  10. An ancient's combat command vehicle lays on its side. The thing is still inhabited by the ancient's robotic servants who are powered down just waiting for some fool to pry open a side panel and release the swarm of 1d20 combat drone soldiers into the world. The deadly cargo of the 130 meter long command center is the Reaper A.I. unit  though who will begin to regenerate itself as soon as it hits air. 1d8 minor relics and there's a 20% chance some might be trapped. 

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