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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #46: High-Tech Weapons 4 From Skirmisher Publishing For your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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Now this is exactly the type of Wisdom From The Wastelands that I love to see done from whole cloth. An issue chalk full of the weird and wonderful weaponry that makes Mutant Future a lovely classic retroclone system. This is the type of issue that you can sink your teeth into as DM, plenty of military cutting edge madness to pepper your old school post apocalyptic campaigns with and tempt your mutant adventurers with as well arm your NPCs to the teeth. 
But really that the obvious use for this sort of high tech military madness that comes from this issue. Other uses are to equip your high tech robots, androids, drones, etc and let them loose upon the wastelands. This is exactly the sort of use that these systems were designed for and as the real world edges towards full 'Robotic War' these are the sort of semi weird systems that will be appearing.More often with the Wisdom From The Wasteland issues there are all kinds of applications for an issue such as this one. 
NPCs behind several of these weapons systems can make for entire mini campaign goals into themselves. The idea of weapon designers and arms super scientists as bargaining chips as well as resources with the post apocalyptic bounds of adventures have become a reality because of the cybernetics of Mutant Future. This issue has a plethora of seemingly cutting edge super science that can easily shift the entire balance of a campaign within the wastelands making this and the other issues of the High Tech weapons series a must have for any waste land DM. All in all I really love this issue and this series.

In this issue, the fourth installment of our popular “weapons for every budget and apocalypse” series, we are proud to present more high-tech implements of destruction for your gaming pleasure. There are new laser weapon variants, tools to make an assassin drool, and even a little baby designed to pop the hardest armor and heaviest shields on the Ancient battlefields. So suit up, buckle in, and set the trigger select to “Mayhem” — ’cause it’s a mean old world out there! 

When you get into the meat of this issue its partially the weapon systems presented and partially implimenting those systems into your campaign. As artifacts these can give adventurers or NPC's a bit too much power unless your going go for the gonzo aspect. The truth is that these technologies are great for those old school mutant menaces that many MF DM's love to throw into their games. DM's such as myself. For that reason, WoW as a series presents some very nice options on the table.
 Many of these systems are perfect for power armor, cybernetic tanks, and other droid systems as well as drones to be devil PC's. Sprinkle these into other locations as well such as Carcosa to add in a bit of humanoid power to even the odds against the Great Old Ones or patch these into the background of Realms of Crawling Chaos as a broken lever to show the folly of mankind. There are other uses for these products of super science. 
 Let's just admit that there's other old school post apocalyptic game systems where these items could prove very useful. Games such as Mutant Epoch have such nice little niches where these systems could easily be converted and then up sold into a campaign with a bit of wiggling and advancing as artifact of legend and myth. Which is another use for these.
However you slice these high tech goodies their a very nice addition to the DM's post apocalyptic palette and a really cool tool kit to pull from. 

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