Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review Of -'The Pay What You Want' OSR Product- The Jester Dragon's Random Cult Generator From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Campaigns

The Jester Dragon's Random Cult Generator
Grab It Right Over 
The Jester Dragon's Random Cult Generator is a great old school resource that enables a DM to generate a plethora of cults and enemies to deal with PC's with little or no issue whatsoever. Strange and weird cult fanatics can be pulled easily from this high end top drawer product.
This product is a role playing system generic product with a ton of details that can be added in a wide variety of old or new school rpg systems.
Pulling down hard core pulptastic & fantasy religions from the ether. This is exactly what this Random Cult  Generator does. This is a perfect application of the talents of Skirmisher Publishing group. This is the blurb from the Drivethru: 

Cults threaten adventurers, civilization, and the existence of the universe itself. Whether they are sacrificing virgins, summoning tentacled horrors, or infiltrating every level of society, it is inevitable that your heroes are going to have a run-in with cultists at some point in their adventuring careers. And, after all, hidden temples hold the best treasure and no one builds them like a cult. But you’re a busy Game Master and have more important things to do than agonize over creating a new secret religion every week. So, once again, the Jester Dragon is ready to do all the hard work for you, with a series of tables allowing you to quickly roll up every aspect of a sinister cult, from the god it worships to the color of the priest’s robes. Grab your d100s, say a quick prayer to Grog-Nardsoth, lord of randomized numbers, and create a cult to hound your players for years to come. 

With a quick look over of this old school resource there are hundreds of options where this product could be used to stimulate your campaigns. From allies to foes where this generator could be applied. From the lowest Lovecraftian cults to the highest of highest of the hollies for your fantasy campaigns. This is a product where a set of tables can fill in whole swaths of campaign and adventures. Cults and gods have always been a dark corner within old school games. Because of the major focus of this generator's properties there are a myriad of uses for this one from science fiction, fantasy, pulp, horror, and science fantasy.
All of this is available for one dollar or  what you want.  There are a ton of ideas just waiting under the surface for the enterprising DM to use this product. For a random generator this is one of the most useful ones to come down the pike from Skirmisher Publishing. Grab this one and get the ball rolling on a cult of fanatics to dog the heels of your adventurers today.  

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