Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Random Deep Wasteland Demonic Encounter Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The deep post apocalyptic wastelands are no man's lands where so much death and destruction have occurred  are like spiritual beacons across the astral planes, lower heavens, and the pits of deep spiritual hells. Because of the mind shattering energies that have been unleashed these areas are bastion points and stepping stone points for unholy hordes of demonic and horrid things that just lurk outside of our existence. Here is a short encounter table  of demonic horrors that your adventurers may encounter.

1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Demonic Encounter Table
  1. A barbwire draped angelic thing in a robe with a gas mask for a face seeking souls for its ancient and depraved master. This thing is armed with a razor sharp blood drenched short sword. AC 7 Hit points 8 Damage by weapon or 1d4 points from claws 
  2. A gibbering mound of rotting flesh and offal that slowly burbles its away across the wastes, crying for attention and souls. The horror will lash out with a septic laced tongue for 1d6 points of damage, the AC 8, and it bites for 1d8 points of shrapnel like teeth. 
  3. This sizzling black cloud of negativity and horror hovers across the wastes and ancient battle field looking for any prey it can. The twisting cloud of sewer gas, rotting flesh, and Lovcraftian god essence is looking for a host for its foulness. It will try to possess anyone it runs across and corrupt them from within. 
  4. This ancient succubus god thing seeks out a likely stooge that can shelter it from witch hunters who are pursuing it across the wastes. The thing will drain dry anyone it comes across, it conforms to the Monster Manual first edition AD&D stats for its type. 
  5. This ancient bag of organs and puss is held together in strange matrix of foulness and depravity. The thing will attempt to eat anyone it comes across to drink in their life essence by tearing off chunks of flesh. AC 6 Hit Dice 6 Attacks 1d8 +1 from the ridges of bone and flesh that pass for the thing's foul teeth. 
  6. This dog headed ancient god thing has been tortured to pieces but continues to bleed and rot. The thing will attempt to slay anyone it comes across to replace its decaying flesh. There is a 20% chance that this will not work sending this thing into a massive rage. AC 5 Hit Dice 3 Damage 1d8 from claws. Will fly into a rage at the drop of a hat. 
  7. This ancient crow thing is actually the soul of a foul demon lord now on the wing to escape the 1d8 demonic mercenaries it is trying to out run. The mercs will stop at nothing to recover it. They work for an ancient foul wizard who want's its blood and organs for his immortality formula. The thing will shape shift into a 4th level fighter armed with a great sword of slaying.  
  8. This ancient demonic god thing takes the shape of an old man and insists on torturing anyone it runs across with foul stories of the most twisted kind. This foul thing has the shape of an eight  year old man but is actually a pit fiend who wishes to antagonize and anger this demon thing. It will taunt and insult anyone it runs across so that it may flee this mortal form when it is attacked. 
  9. This insect horror is aligned with forces of chaos and horror. It will eat anyone's head off because it considers it a right after a neighbor refused it a demonic pact. The thing conforms to the stats on a giant grass hopper with immunity to fire and electrical based attacks. 
  10. This free wheeling anti Christ like figure is actually an agent of some lost and miserable demonic lord with foul overtones of some ancient Lovecraftian horror. The thing is seeking a map to its soul and will stop at nothing to obtain this document. The map is concealed within the chest cavity of the ancient horror that it seeks out twelve blocks from its present location. The thing has a 10% chance of having a treasure item that will get rid of you sooner. 

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