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The Val A'l Harng Trading Post - A Post Apocalpytic Mars Adventure Location For Your Old School Campaign

The Val La Harng Trading Post

Val A'l Harng is the beacon of trade, commerce, and resources within the Martian wastes. Here adventurers can buy, trade, and sell the relics and artifacts that they pull from the deepest Martian death lands and wastes.

Situated in the low lander Martian territories along the old canal routes is the twelve story Ancient Val A'l Harng trading post. The ancient water exchange station has been converted into a hang out, refuge, and trading post for adventurers,drifters,con-men, the desperate, and all kinds of marginalized Martian populations.
Val A'l Harng is where they all come to trade, buy, exchange information, and get the latest round of info on the goings on in the Deep wastelands. Nanite solar panels line the upper reaches of the trading out post and a deep fusion plant powers the entire facility. It is one of the last bastions upon Mars where the A.I. data conscious cores are still found. In fact the whole facility is run by a council of twelve A.I. ancient personalities who over see every aspect of life within Val A'l Harng.
There are residential levels where retired adventurers and Martian nobility live and act as patrons for many cat paws and adventurers who act as their eyes and ears in the Martian wastes.
Below this are a wide variety of shops, stalls, trade zones, and faculties where a huge variety of services, relics, and products are offered. 

Below this are the clone masters of Val A'l Harng's level  who use a wide variety of genetic engineering and super science techniques to resurrect the dead, create organic computers, grow customized syntho organic androids for their clients, genetically engineered geno weapons, and even more esoteric services. 
The next level down features Xeno ghettos where specialized alien life form artificial ecologies are are created for the alien species and citizens to live. There are life forms and sentients from a million planets when Mars was the center of commence for the universe. Now this level is home to two hundred businesses and the scattered refugees who were left behind when Mars was cut off from the rest of the interstellar community. Many adventurers come here to gather information on alien treasures, gain employment on various missions for alien clients, and generally cruise on the echoes of another time. 
There are a series of abandoned levels where pseudo games of chance are played with live participants among the ruins and often there are mutant horrors that are let loose to  chase down these players. The resulting sport is televised throughout Val A'l Harng. There are supposedly super science relics found on these levels which are guarded by the powers that run the games. There are rumors that these sports are actually ancient Martian ritualized 'games' that enable Val A'l Harng to maintain its importance within the sphere of Martian politic. 
The science level is where a cadre of super scientists have set up shop and sell a variety of services and wares. They only do business with those that they approve of. Those who tread uninvited within their domain end up as cyber slaves or worse. 
Below this are several levels of micro factories, special equipment rooms, and much more. Val A'l Harng extends its structure deep into the Martian sub soil and there are ruins of ancient aspect that are rumored to be domain of monsters and ripe with relics, super science treasures and more. Many adventurers pay the A.I.'s for the privilege of exploring, raiding, and going into these lower levels. There are rumors of colonies of Ancient Martians still living within the confines of these lower levels.

1d10 The Val A'l Harng
Trading Post Finds and Relic Table 

  1. Ancient fuel rods used in a whole selection of artifacts worth about 250 gold pieces if in good shape. 
  2. Psychic finder rod able to locate natural resources, treasure, and relics by the psychic scent of these items. Worth 300 gold pieces to the right buyer. 
  3. A psychic mirror containing a minor ghost of an ancient Martian, able to share 1d4 visions of ancient Mars with its owner. Worth 200 gold pieces 
  4. A Martian psychic dagger able to pierce the shadow of a victim who will be stunned for 1d6 hours after receiving a wound. 
  5. A psychic prism able to separate the telepathic vibrations from a victim. Very useful for determining if a victim is suffering from demonic possession. Worth 200 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  6. A Martian psychic staff that allows an owner to access 1d4 minor psychic or mental mutations. Worth 400 gold pieces 
  7. A Martian ruby ring made with a Hexite silver setting  and capable of storing 1d6 spells if cast against the relic by a wizard. The spells can easily be released at the telepathic command of the owner. 
  8. A psychic battery capable of powering a psychic technology relic, the artifact is worth 300 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  9. A statue of an ancient Martian god worth 400 gold pieces.There is a 40% chance that this thing is infected with a major demon. These items were used as spiritual batteries during the Martian gods uprising. 
  10. A collected metal book that contains all of the most common formulas and incantations for the repair and restoration of certain types of robots and androids. Worth 200 gold pieces to the right collector of such items. 

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