Friday, November 14, 2014

Brand New 1d10 Truly Weird Deep Wasteland Encounter Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

There are times when within the wastelands the PC's will have encounters with  the truly unexplained, weird, and sometimes outright deadly.The following are a few possibilities that can keep your adventurers guessing as to what or who they have just encountered out in the deeper wastes, death lands, and dark corners of the post apocalyptic world.
 1d10 Truly Weird Deep Wasteland Encounter Table
  1. The sky lights up as a giant glowing screaming horror filled multicolored cloud fills the sky over head. The thing throws out wisps of plastic tendrils and strange energies not born of the Earth. It  begins to pull itself apart with wrenching motions and twisting violent movements. The thing keeps this up for 1d8 rounds before moving on from the skyline. There will be radiation burns on the ground where the thing was closest to the ground. There could be dangerous radiation where it touched down. 
  2. A strange giant puff ball of flesh rolls into the vicinity of the PC's. The strange caramel smelling blob of flesh and hair isn't fazed by anything that happens around it. But the blob of flesh pulses with inner power and energies. It sends out a low frequency radio and telepathic pulse at three four time every two rounds. The thing will move on within 1d4 hours. It will leave behind a slime covered ring after it departs the area. 
  3. A band of multicolored lights will move across the landscape at high speed and there will be certain that they make contact with random strangers and deliver a message of hope and love. There will be weird light baring predators soon to take out any strangers present. 
  4. A giant living cigar shaped sky ship is looking to bother any other owners of telepathic receivers. The thing is around  to help clear the ancient  battle grounds of certain undeserving undead species such as zombies and shades upon whom this ship feed and feeds quite well in the wastelands. The ship may trade relics for information about undead prey and leads or it may attack the party. 
  5. A multi headed scrap robot is looking to get some parts and is willing trade the organs of human kind for them. He's got most of the major organs  in stock  and a fine set of nervous systems that he will throw in with any high end trades. 
  6. A deep desert lizard man mutant trader that  deals in fungus and rare mutant hallucinogenic species of rat & lizard mutants that produce incredibly potent highs is looking to trade. He is looking to trade in stories and dreams for these illegal goods.
  7. A deep wasteland floating sphere bot that produces holographic art & science displays is out create art and entertain. This being can produce some incredible light shows but this bastard is actually a serial killer bot that hunts and kills for the thrill of it. 
  8. A pleasure bot that trades and deals in high end pre apocalyptic erotica, porn, and sentient robotic sex toys is looking to trade. Willing to trade in high end pre apocalyptic electronics that are none the less very valuable to the right collectors. 
  9. A giant mutant chicken bounty hunter is looking for some extra coin by selling several really weird artifacts that have a 40% chance of being a very valuable finds to the right people. 
  10. The PC's stumble upon an old fashioned 1930's tube radio that plays nothing but rambling old horror story anthology radio programs interspersed with pre apocalyptic radio programs about  things and events happening in the apocalyptic news. The radio is actually an unstabled fixed point in time & space. Anyone touching the relic will disappear when the time space gate snaps shut suddenly and the party finds itself in an another era.  


  1. If you release some D20 or D100 charts I will repost the heck out of them. Good stuff.

  2. I've got a few OSR D20 charts coming up soon & glad you liked 'em. More to come. Thanks for the comments.


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