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100 Starport Scum From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Space Opera Campaigns

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Right so here we are with another random encounters table from the twisted mind of Dave Woodrum. This one is right up the alley of those willing to take their adventurers into that wretched hive of scum and villainy. This is a list perfectly suited to that purpose. This simple and easy little encounter chart has all of the space scum, pirates, whores, smugglers, and jerks for your PC's to tangle with.

According to the Rpgnow blurb:
This simple 100 list is perfect for tossing out quick encounters for that shady starport visit. Included are the names of such encounters as well as their role.
I'm partially responsible for this list of hellions because I gave the idea for this encounter list to Dave sometime last week. This is a really nasty twist of several different encounter kits in one. Right off the bat this list can be used for a quick series of throw downs in some nameless space bar, the second is a kit for a quick out fitting of a guild of criminal scum for a group of smugglers and cut throats, further this table could be used to populate a wreck or hyper sleep prison ship quickly.

Using The 100 Starport Scum Table For
Your Old School Campaigns

This chart can easily be converted to wasteland use and like a broken record, this one is being use in my post apocalyptic Mars game. The backgrounds are easily transposed over to a science fiction or fantasy backdrop. The ideas are sold because the backgrounds of the NPC's here are not sketched out with a quick decision on the DM's part. A thumb nail sketch of the NPC can be filled in with as much or as little detail as the players put into it. This will effect the direction, flare, and take of the encounter which might be a small brick into the background of your  world. Many of these encounters are made to be low to mid level throw away bits but they can set a tone and flavor for a campaign.
I do like the definitions that the author has tossed into each encounter. Like a mini thumb sketch it gives the DM a starting point should he chose to fill in more background details of these scalawags and nasty customers. 
With some work these encounters can be used with systems ranging from Traveler, Star Frontiers, and much more depending upon the preferences of the DM. Because they're system agnostic they can be used with a huge variety of space based science fantasy or science fiction rpg systems.
For my own part like the Space Prisons encounter tables its best to roll with the punches that the PCs will be confronted with.
I do love Dave's creativity and ideas that he injects into his products. Fish Wife Games continues to find its uses at my table top and will for years to come. Do pick this one up and have a blast with it. 

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