Saturday, November 8, 2014

Revisiting The 'Pay What You'd Like' Wasteland Treasures :1 By William McAusland For Use With The Mutant Epoch Rpg or Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

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Its been quite a while since I cracked open one of my favorite little gems from the Mutant Epoch rpg, Wasteland Treasures: 1 is a twenty page gem of a series of expanded relic and treasure lists that is actually custom tailored to the monsters encountered in the Mutant Epoch world.
What it does is take the game's mutant menaces and adds the loot that you as a DM need to add right into your adventure location. This doesn't mean that the relics, do dads, and artifacts are cookie cutter plantings. Instead this another tool kit of mayhem that the DM can pull from to plant and sprinkle little post apocalyptic seeds of adventure links throughout their campaign's ruins. This tactic can be used to add in hooks, lines, and sinkers for future adventures or advances in the back plots of your campaigns.
According to the rpgnow blurb:
 Your excavators fight hard in the wastelands, ruins and emerging barter villages, why not let ‘em see some reward? Here then, in Wasteland Treasures One, you’ll find plenty to keep them challenged, well paid and keen for the next expedition!

Included are Three d100 Loot tables: a General Ruin Treasure Table, an Old Warzone listing and trophies and curiosities carried by humanoids such as Skullocks, Warmorts, and Moaners.

This is a 19 page Pay What You Want PDF Written and Illustrated by The Mutant Epoch creator, William McAusland

 Because of the nature of this product there's lots of room to customize the who, what, where, and why of some of the monster and mutant prizes that will be encountered by the PC's. Using the general listings and then sprinkling artifacts within ruins and dungeons of the wastelands enables a DM to add in spread, layout, and depth of the destruction that occurred during the Apocalypse. This product helps to fill in the gaps of such events with the listings of such artifacts. 
With a bit of wit and keen design the author manages to add some depth and guile to the variety of artifacts that appear in Wasteland Treasures:1. This is something I've always loved about this little twenty page product and it gives some nice substance to Outland Arts various products that is the attention to minor detail.
All in all this is one of those artifact and relic piece listings that doesn't ever get tiresome. Over the last couple of months this book has been one that has appeared again and again at my table. The utility far out ways many other post apocalyptic products that have appeared on the rpg market over the last couple of years. Download this one toss Outland art some coin and bring Wasteland Treasures home to your post apocalyptic table today! 

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