Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Monster Estoricia or Entropic Amalgamation For The Post Apocalyptic Mars Setting & Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation

Created from the twisted entropic fall out from the Entropy terror weapons of the last Colonial Wars of Mars, these seemingly helpless beasts are the remains of alien and Earth live stock brought by colonists over 30 years ago.
Some of these monsters  are boneless beasts that drag themselves along the Martian soil and leave a trail of slime behind to coat their way along. Playing at being simply helpless mutated scavengers these monsters are actually mutated terror weapons of the last war. They lash out with a paralysis and poisoned laden sting and incorporate their prey's genetic material within their bodies to fuel the nanite laced material that passes for flesh
These horrors are twisted and mutated creatures that while retaining the basic characteristics of its original stock animals are actually sometimes made up of a hodgepodge of creatures that they have fed upon. Throughout their life cycle these horrors continue to mutate and are effectively immortal baring violence and accident.
They're coloration varies with the local landscape and runs from striking and bizarre colours to colors that camouflage the life form. Some of these creatures have multiple limbs and useless tail structures from other beast's genetics that have been incorporated by the Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation over the centuries.
The Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation are often followed by giant mutant monster scavengers who have learned to mop up after these horrors have dispatched their prey. Often giant scorpions or locusts with a taste for humanoid flesh follow these horrors from place to place.

Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation

Number encountered: 1 1-4 
Type: Mutation
Size: Large 
Move: 20 ft 
HD: 4(d8)
Hit Point  Average :18 Max 32 
AC: 14 or AC:6 
BAB+1 or Thaco = 19 
Attacks: 1d6/1d6 (claws) 
1d6 tendril or tongue lash 
Special : Reneration as Troll 
Save : F+3/.R+2/.W+1(P or ft2) 
Magic Resistence Nil 
Int: Low (but very cunning and opportunistic) 
Morale : 10 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Advancement: Nil 
XP: 420
Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation is an opportunistic hunter and often appears as a helpless pile of pitiful helplessness only to erupt in an explosive  flurry of stinging tendrils. The prey animal is dragged off and digested  by internal nanite factories in some nearby hidden location. The genetic material is then internalized for use as fuel for health, regeneration, and other cellular activity within the Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation.

  • Paralysing sting : The Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation attacks with a flurry of stinging tendrils those hit must make a Con saving throw at DC16  or save vs Paralysis or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds. Some versions of the Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation use a tongue attack to deliver the 
  • Should the Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation be critically injured these horrors will retreat as quickly as possible to lick their wounds and regenerate their flesh. They will seek revenge 1d6 hours later after the damage has been healed by their internal nanite factories . The Estoricia or  Entropic Amalgamation regenerate as trolls only slightly slower rate. 

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