Tuesday, November 11, 2014

King Solomon's Mines-Classics Reimagined On Indie Go Go Campaign

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This is a new Indie Go Go campaign for the King Solomon's Mines graphic novel. This is an old school style of the great pulps & comics that came before it. This is a whole new cloth take on one of the greatest novels of Darkest Africa. H.Rider Haggard's classic is taken and turned upon its ear into an exciting visual feast of adventure and fury.
To get this project off the ground your help is needed. This is a project with a great solid background to help to cement this visual feast of H.Rider Haggard's masterpiece of adventure, fortune, and glory.
According to the authors and artists :
"Welcome to the new KING SOLOMON'S MINES --a colorful and sexy new 48 page graphic novel by Pablo Marcos & Mark Ellis!

The KING SOLOMON'S MINES graphic novel is a fresh take on H.Rider Haggard's classic tale of adventure and treasure hunting in 19th century Africa."

While Mark Ellis weaves a complex tale with its own history and mythos into the back story of the mines of King Solomon. The artwork is furnished by 
Pablo (Conan The Barbarian, Tales of the Zombie) Marcos, whose work in comic books needs no introduction. The team takes a brand new slant on the adventurers of Rider and gives them a grounding in the best of the old school comic and pulp tradition with a distinctly modern veneer. This is tale that is worthy of Rider and I'm familiar with both of these professionals work over the years.
 I can see this angle of professionalism being applied to other properties and expanded into a full range of pulpastic adventure. Personally I can't wait but this is a project that will need the help and support of the fans to make this happen.
This adaptation by the team of legendary comics illustrator Pablo (Conan The Barbarian, Tales of the Zombie) Marcos and best-selling author Mark (Outlanders, Doc Savage, Justice Machine) Ellis brings a new and colorful perspective to the Victorian-era yarn.

But this is only the beginning. There will be more following this incredible tale of adventure. The team has been hard at work applying their considerable skills to developing other classics reimagined into full blown graphic novel extravaganzas.
According to the indie Go Go project blurb:  

The KING SOLOMON'S MINES graphic novel by Pablo Marcos and Mark Ellis is just the first of several planned projects (with Ying Ko Graphics) featuring "reimagined" classic adventure heroes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's CHALLENGER rendered here by the ever-awesome Jeff Slemons, Jules Verne's NEMO by the uber-talented Steven E Gordon and of course, HR Haggard's QUATERMAIN, by the legendary Pablo Marcos.
But of course none of this work happens without your support and now that the campaign has come to Indie Go Go. The whole project can't go forward nor a series come into existence without the help of those who would love to see this pulptastic project see the light of day. Take a few moments and take a look. I'll be watching this project closely and seeing as the pieces for King Solomon's Mines fall into place. 

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