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The Jungle Ruins of Ter' Shath'thas - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Adventure Location For Your Old School Campaigns

The Jungle Ruins of Ter' Shath'thas

During the apocalypse that saw some of the fiercest battle field warfare between the various colony powers, the Ter' Shath'thas region near the Martian swamp polar region was one of the main focal points of violence and horror. Millions of lives on both sides were lost to the horror of Entropic weaponry that was unleashed upon this world. 
Even today the swamps of this region still twitch and cook with the negative planar energies that have mutated hundreds of species and animate the dead of the battle fields. 
The planet Mars
Ter' Shath'thas jungles were also places were a wide variety of military bases, command centers, bunkers, and more were set up as the shifting battle field lines moved back & forth. This also makes the Ter' Shath'thas region one of the richest's areas for salvage, relic recovery, and ruin exploitation by adventurers. The region is not without various dangers not  only from the mutated Martian life forms but from nanite powered A.I. cybernetic tanks which claim the region as home. These monstrous thinking battle platforms exist simply to destroy life as a sorted twisted game of chess played between the various A.I.'s as they play upon a radio signal 'board' that corresponds to the incursions of various groups, tribes, and parties of adventurers. Many tribes worship these tanks as a sort of twisted guardian angel/totem god going so far as to take the names of some of these entities such as Tri sword, High Gain, and many others. 
These cybernetic horrors sometimes spend weeks or months within stasis awaiting some complex set of variables to present themselves. 

There have been many random sets of ruins that appear as the tidal swamp waters increase & decrease with the influences of the 'melting seasons' of Mars. Many of these old military ruins were sealed against the elements of the swamps and are still in serviceable condition because of the presence of minor A.I. familiar entities and the various push button machinery still in operation.
There is a 40% of encountering zombies, undead, and other horrors created by the negative planar energies that rage through this area. 

For each 1d8 weeks spent within the Ter' Shath'thas region there is a 20% chance of being infected with Entropic emissions that pervaded the area from the Apocalypse 

1d10 Random Relic Table
of The Jungle Ruins of Ter' Shath'thas 

  1. 1d10 light weight armor and equipment from the Martian heretic forces. This set of armor includes a small fusion battery capable of powering the light weight sensors, heavy stunner, laser pistol and survival equipment found within it. Worth about 270 gold pieces on the open galactic market. 
  2. A fully functioning vac tube minor computer brain system built with Westinghouse analog technology capable of running many relic vehicles and equipment. Worth 300 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  3. Heat beam crystal machinery set up from a Dark Martian Tri pod worth about 400 gold pieces on the open market. 
  4. A psychic memory crystal lens with an ancient Martian data base worth 600 gold pieces with a 40% chance of having a crack which renders it worthless. 
  5. A Shanktic energy matrix capable of powering one of the many alien devices found within the lost Alien colonies. Worth 200 gold pieces 
  6. A gold star medical pack and A.I. unit capable of treating many of the most common traumatic medical conditions of both Mars and the battle fields. Worth 650 gold pieces but with a 60% chance of missing some of the medical resource generator units which will half the worth of the item. 
  7. A vibrational  pass fork used as a key for some of the military ruins. Worth 100 to 500 gold pieces depending upon rarity and rank for this item. 
  8. A psychic lens crystal that has many of the more common mental mutational abilities worth 600 gold pieces but with a 40% chance of being cracked. 
  9. A fully functioning psychic Martian transfer unit, used for up loading Ancient Martian consciousnesses to new vessels. There is a 70% chance of their being an ancient Martian soul waiting to possess a willing or unwilling host body. Worth 500 gold pieces but with a 60% chance of being tainted by the Entropic emissions used during the Wars. 
  10. A Martian crystal knife used by insurgent Martian forces that contains an ancient alien essence that was used as a weapon of terror against the Imperial Earth forces. This weapon will cause all kinds of malevolent horror to be visited upon the finder or owner of the weapon. Worth 500 gold pieces to the right collector of such war time devices. 

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