Saturday, November 22, 2014

1d10 Random Sleep Pod Encounter Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Your party runs across a bank of sleep pods from before the Apocalypse. Who knows who has taken the option of waiting out the destruction of society? Here's a table of exceptional individuals for your old school campaigns to challenge and deal with your mutants and adventurers. 

1d10 Random Sleep Pod Encounter Table 
  1. 1d6 pre apocalyptic soldiers awaiting their last orders or commands. These genetically engineered super soldiers will know where a cache of pre apocalyptic weapons and equipment will be stored near by. They may according to mission parameters know of several key military ruins and former command centers. 
  2. A trio of highly placed super scientists whose mission is to rebuild society.Every wizard and renegade super scientist worth their salt will be after this brain trust of and offer incredible rewards to kidnap and grab these valuable mental resources. They will have several caches to labs, equipment, and resources that have been stored away. 
  3. 1d10 ordinary citizens who made it to a small bunker of sleep pods. These folks will have knowledge of how the various relics, technologies and more work. They may not want to share this knowledge unless safe passage, food, shelter and essentials are bargained for. 
  4. 1d6 mutant soldiers were put into stasis before the Apocalypse had broken out. These dangerous warriors will want to carry out their last orders and have access to dangerous energy weapons, super science equipment, and military resources. They may share knowledge of former military assets with the same mutant types. 
  5. A group of highly trained technical androids 1d8 put into the freezer for technical rebuilding of infrastructure and post apocalyptic colonies. This group of minor scientists has the universal translator circuitry and is able to work with a wide varieties of technologies. 
  6. A group of highly motivated adventurers and mercenaries 1d10 who worked for a large variety of pre Apocalyptic governments. They have access to 1d6 para military hide outs and minor bases. Willing to trade relics for knowledge and help. 
  7. A pre apocalyptic think tank scientists who have developed advanced mental powers and a shared hive mind. Looking to use their mental powers and gifts for the betterment of man and mutant kind. There are 1d20 scientists currently on ice. 
  8. A renegade pre apocalyptic king and his super soldier bodyguards who are 5th level fighters with super strength, troll like regeneration and vast relic resources. Will carry out a hidden cult like religious agenda to begin to weed out the genetically inferior starting with close associates and 'friends'. 
  9. A Cthulhu cult of 1d10 fanatics who will begin to carry out the will of their ancient god. These fanatically nut jobs have vast mental abilities and some minor Lovecraftian spell like abilities. Many carry the taint of their ancient god alien masters within their flesh. They have access to magic relics and energy weapons. 
  10. A group of highly place politicians from before the apocalypse. These twisted bastards will have access to several caches of military hardware and underground bases. They will wish to rebuild Merica. Some may have the 'Charm' spell like ability. 

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