Friday, November 7, 2014

The Vaults of Man A Free OSR Adventure Location For Geoffrey McKinney’s Carcosa Weird Science-Fantasy Horror Setting

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Bernie the Flumph is a great little blog by Josh Burnett whose done a really nice adventure location for Geoffrey McKinney’s Carcosa. Its got a really nice creepy feel to it and adds more bits and pieces to the setting for a DM to use.
 There are plenty of mini encounters, high Carcosian weirdness, a quick bit of adventure location action, and more.
According to the author: 
The Vaults of Man is a short little adventure location that can be dropped just about anywhere in Carcosa. It was designed to give the PCs a chance to find some weird things, fight some goopy monsters, suffer some traps, and maybe get a bit of treasure."It succeeds in its mission in spades. There's a solid vibe of old school pulp here but there is a quick note about the location : 

"The Vaults of Man can be placed in any underground locale on Carcosa. The place the PCs are leaving lies west of the Vaults. The place the PCs need to be lies east of the Vaults. To get from one place to the other, the PCs must pass by the Vaults of Man as well as the lair of Rama-Mekhet and his minions."

The author weaves in a nice series of bits of Carcosa based details that bring this location home and add in a bit of fun for the setting. Its nice to see a semi stable location while maintaining the Lovecraft vibe isn't going to simply gut the PC's as soon as they enter the spiraling series of encounters and ideas presented in 'The Vaults of Man'.
There's a a nice sense of fun with this product and it adds just that wee bit of Lovecraftian creepiness to the mix for old school gaming and Carcosa. Don't miss this one. There's plenty of mini locations and bits to the mix here for Carcosa. So check it out and grab some friends for a bit of that old school science fantasy action within the bounds of Carcosa. 


  1. Thanks for the great material for Carcosa and a brand new way to torment my players.


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