Sunday, August 14, 2011

John Carter Of Mars Concept Art

This is some of the concept art that has come out from Phil Saunders website & my gosh does it look cool! I'm a concept art addict, I mean really do I have to say anything about this. There's enough here for 6 campaigns right in these pictures!
Go to his blog & check it out because you will seriously be blown away by this man's work its amazing
Saunders Mars & Other Stuff 


  1. Thanks sooo Much for posting John carter...!!!

    I have been looking for the largest pics I can find because the details are lost in small pics.... There is so much to see that i have been hungrily collecting photos from the John carter movie... thanks again !!!

  2. Your welcome! Hope you enjoy them! We'll be covering more Mars stuff soon! Thanks for stopping by!


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