Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Night Flash - Goulart & Kane's Star Hawks & His Other Original Creation

Space 1970 is perhaps one of the coolest blogs out there. Every day he's put out content that blows away anything out there when it comes to our collective science fiction media from the era when Luke swung in the Death Star & they weren't brother & sister. So today he's covered Goulart & Kane's Star Hawks. A news paper strip that ran in the 70s that most people have never heard of. Its really a crime because the series was one of the more incredible space opera pieces that came out. Read about it Here
Gil Kane was perhaps one of the great giants to walk this Earth as far as comics goes.He was responsible for the modern look of both Green Lantern, The Atom, & many others. I can't even begin to cover what this man did. Read about him Gil_Kane
I want to talk about his greatest creation Black Mark! The first true American Graphic Novel. 
Black Mark is a cracking good Sword & Scorcery piece that delivers everything it promises. Beautiful artwork, fantastic story, & the kind of  world that every Dungeon Master wants to create! Very cool with lots of action, adventure, & romance!
Here's some samples of the art work:


  1. I dig Blackmark. It's a cool post-apocalyptic S&S yarn.

  2. It's a cool post-apocalyptic S&S yarn & I think its pretty under appreciated. I'm glad someone besides me likes it!

  3. I used to have a copy of this, but it disappeared after too many gamers tried to read it. I'm still looking for a replacement copy. The story is vintage Seventies Sword & Sorcery in a post-apocalyptic world that would make a really good setting for Mutants & Mazes...

  4. Hey there Netherworks! Nice to see you aboard! Yeah I'm working on something right with this book & it happens to be a favorite of mine! Very cool stuff.

  5. This is very noteworthy. The S&S story was clearly in full swing in 1971. It would be interesting to compare this to the work of Jean "Moebius" Giraud.

  6. Hey there post, welcome aboard & that's a pretty interesting observation. I have to find my "Moebius" collections in storage! Welcome aboard & we've got more S&S coming up!


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