Monday, January 3, 2022

Review & Commentary On Afterday: 2D6 Adventure After the Apocalypse From Michael Brown For The Cepheus Engine & 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Rpg Campaigns

 Everyone who goes to the Southwestern United States loves ghost towns & the remains of mines from the centuries of the Old West. The tourist industry thrives on them out there and by default players love 2d6 post apocalpyse adventuring & playing. And when wants to visit a failed colony world in the Clement Sector?! There are a number of 2d6 options on the table for the Cepheus Engine. But Michael Brown's Afterday: 2D6 Adventure After the Apocalypse isn't usually on the lips of players & DM's.

 And this is something that I'm counting on. You see  Afterday: 2D6 Adventure After the Apocalypse is only 26 pages long & hits that 2d6 sweet spot for post apoclapytic game play. Why because it hits that sweet spot with more 2d6 skill, career, & more for post apocalyptic adventuring. And it does this by creating variations on existing Cepheus Engine careers & skill paths. But where  Afterday: 2D6 Adventure After the Apocalypse excels is the fact that it builts on the existing rules by giving more options at the table top rpg level. Is  Afterday: 2D6 Adventure After the Apocalypse  able to stand on its own?! Yes! But where it shines is when its paired with other existing Cepheus Engine products and this comes across especially with the Cepheus Engine rpg rules. Because stumbling upon a post apocalyptic world or failed colony is always both a puzzle & a hazard.

 Afterday: 2D6 Adventure After the Apocalypse isn't Gamma World, if your looking for that I suggest another set of 2d6 Cepheus Engine rpg rules in the form of Stella Gemma's Cepheus Atom. Then you're going to get a far more gonzo set of parameters for your 2d6 campaign settings. This is a greatr pairing but if we slide to the right a bit more with  Afterday: 2D6 Adventure After the Apocalypse & say Barbaric! then things begin to warp & become even weirder ala Thundarr The Barbarian. 

The failed colony has slid down the laddar of barbarianism based on old half remembered video games, legends of fantasty role playing games and more. The colonists have evolved into the roles of video game classes. 
If we go down the rabbit hole of the Clement Sector then the failed  colonists could take the pace of the American Indians ala something out of Firefly for a Space Western setting. The failed colony world describes some of those who have remained behind to transcend into the orbital remains of the space stations and fueling stations in orbit around the planet. And this really gets into the flexibility of  Afterday: 2D6 Adventure After the Apocalypse. The rules are crisp, easy to use, and plug into the very heart of some of the ideals of 2d6 Science Fiction rpg's.  Afterday: 2D6 Adventure After the Apocalypse is a classy, solidly done, and easy to use set of rules. 

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