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Review & OSR Commentary On Ships of Clement Sector 10-12: Workhorses by Michael Johnson from Independence Games For The Clement Sector Rpg, Cepheus Engine & Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Rpg's

 "The workhorses get it done!

Ships of Clement Sector 10-12 compiles the tenth, eleventh and twelfth volumes of our popular PDF series. Included within this book are the Lee-class merchant vessel, the Fedpost mail courier, and the Broken Hill-class Prospector. We have also included the Wraith-class Intruder and the Venture-class Troop Transport, variants of the courier and the prospector respectively.

Each ship is beautifully detailed with multiple views, detailed deckplans and full statistics. Also included are several NPCs and adventure hooks to get these vessels quickly and easily into your campaign.

While each of these ships has been specifically designed to fit into the Clement Sector setting, they could easily be used in other settings or within other science fiction RPGs if needed.

Get on board! Adventure awaits!"

 Ships of Clement Sector 10-12: Workhorses by Michael Johnson from Independence Games is the working class ships of the Clement sector.  Ships of Clement Sector 10-12: Workhorses has them all. And even if you didn't know you needed some of these starships for the Clement Sector you do.  If we are going going to talk about the draft horses, mining carts, mules, & all around backs of the draft star ships that made the Clement sector go?! We're gonna be talking the starships that chart the star routes   enconomically, course the roads between the stars, & haul the working man's breakfast in the blackness of space. Then we're gonna be talking about Ships of Clement Sector 10-12: Workhorses. 
These are the ships that get the work  done from the blackness between the stars. Need a mail ship with a full  NPC crew plus captain and production history? Then  Ships of Clement Sector 10-12: Workhorses is the book for you. Each ship comes with crew stats,history, & even adventure seeds. All of this ties back into our other Clement Sector starship books. This is espscially true of  Ships of Clement Sector 4-6: Traders, Scouts and Small Craft which we covered here. 

To use the 'Old West' or Space Western anaology these starships are not simply background or rpg set pieces but dynamic adventure points unto themselves. These starships can be the hub that the entire campaign or adventure revolves around. The adventure seeds give just enough information to wette the appetite of the DM or players to involve them within the lives, loves, struggles, etc. of the crews of Ships of Clement Sector 10-12: Workhorses 
These starships have improved with a wide variety of deck plan's artwork, layout, and even the cartography improving in 
Ships of Clement Sector 10-12: Workhorses. Artists such as Ian Stead, Michael Johnson, & Bradley Warnes bring their 'A' games here with each starship feeling like it belongs in the Clement Sector. 
Ships of Clement Sector 10-12: Workhorses is perfect for the Space Western ideal of an rpg campagin because each of these ships is the point of civilization on the Frontier or in this case the Clement Sector. These starships are also the targets as well for the unsavory outlaws & pirates. Starships such as Wraith Intruder take the place of the Union Calvery out of the 'Old West' taking on outlaws in the dark frontier of the Clement Sector. These ships not only help to defend the edges of the star maps of the Clement Sector but in some cases they are the edges. 
Many of the star ships within Ships of Clement Sector 10-12: Workhorses are quite literally the bringers & mantainers of civilization on the outpoints of the Clement Sector and this isn't to be taken lightly. Each of these starships is a point of adventure on the frontier of the Clement Sector & entire campaign can easily be run around one starship out on the frontier reaches of the Clement Sector. But is Ships of Clement Sector 10-12: Workhorses good & worthy of a download?! In a word, 'yes' not only for the reasons listed above but because the writers and designers of these starships have created them  to be interesting, accessible, and easily ships that fulfill a real role within the Clement Sector setting itself. 

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