Thursday, January 13, 2022

Review & Commentary On The Copeline-class Merchant Vessel By Michael Johnson From Independence Games For The Earth Sector Rpg & The Cepheus Engine Rpg

The Copeline-class merchant vessel is quickly becoming the most popular ship in Earth Sector!  Created in 2348 by Corolys Shipbuilding Company, the ship has overtaken such venerable designs as the Rucker and Atlas among merchants in Earth Sector."

"The Copeline is a 300-tonne ship with modules which can be switched out to make the ship into a freighter, a passenger liner, a scout, or a combination of all of those!  This versatility has made it the chosen ship for independent operators and small shipping corporations."

The Copeline-class Merchant Vessel By Michael Johnson has some amazing & innovatve star ship designs variations of the The Copeline-class.  The Copeline-class Merchant Vessel is the one that marks the Earth sector & its a space craft that is going target of space pirates. Many banks & interstellar corporations of the Earth are the tools of investiment and the perfect adventurer's  job ship to work between star spanning adventures inbetween stellar jobs. 
The variations of the Copeline-class Merchant Vessel means that the Subsector Sourcebook: Hecate is within reach of the Earth for trade & manufacturing. This means that the Copeline-class Merchant Vessel is one of the main instruments & tools of the interstellar trade. And also one of the main trading vessels of the Earth sector's black market. 

The Copeline-class Merchant Vessel makes the stars within reach of the Earth. The banks & corporations are in charge of both the black market & the legal markets as well. They do this through the mafias and criminal organization fronts which go all the way down to the colonial street levels. The Copeline-class Merchant vessel brings this home along with the fact that space is incredibly vast. The variation ships & craft are both incredibly interesting & useful.  They are going be incredibly expensive for an adventuring crew of spacers to operate. Think of the Copeline-class Merchant Vessel as the 'river boats' of the Mississippi of space. The corporations & banks have to back the smaller corporations to ply their trade across space. 
The space  fleets of Earth guard the back ends of the trade ways of the Earth sector space. The Copeline-class Merchant Vessel By Michael Johnson From Independence Games is a solid addition to the tool box of the dungeon master for the Earth Sector. 

The Copeline-class Merchant Vessel By Michael Johnson From Independence Games Is Available Right Here.

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