Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Review & Commentary On Robots Vol1 By Colin Dunn From The Traveller's Aid Society Presented By Northern Edge For Mongoose 2nd Edition Traveller & older 2d6 Science Fiction Campaigns

Someone yesteday gave me a copy of  Robots & Drones volume 1 by Colin Dunn Traveller's Aid  Society, which clocks in at fifteen pages of  robotic goodness & violence. This book is an excellent addition for 2d6 Science Fiction rpg campaigns.  There are eleven robots & drones for almost every tech level and a few additions here that would scare the high holy Hell out of even seasoned adventurers. 

The robots & drones here have a multiplicity of uses for the game table from tools to possible allies for the PC's or antagonists. The robots & drones are more then monsters or alien creatures and far more then tools. Robots leave a lasting impression in Traveller or Cepheus Engine rpg's. Northern Bridge does a good job with these bots & drones giving a wide variety of technological levels & options. 
With a nice price point of four dollars for the PDF there's just enough to kick off some great options for a star faring crew.

Even though this is 2nd Edition Mongoose Traveller, it should with some tweaking work fine with Cepheus Engine rpg. And yes I'm not really supposed to say that but there it is. And its one of the reasons why I grabbed a copy of Robots Vol.1  By Colin Dunn  For Traveller's Aid Society From Northern Edge. I really enjoyed this little add on book and it works quite nicely. 

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