Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Atlantean Influence In Cepheus Engine Campaigns - Beyond Zozer Games Warlords of Atlantis

So we're gonna pick right up from yesterday's review & blog entry by expanding the scope of Warlords of Atlantis from Zozer Games.  

 Part of what we do as DM's is reading & research its how you gain a bit more knowledge to go outside of the of the normal curve. Take yesterday's Warlords of Atlantis post and let's expand on it after reading through one of Paul Elliot's comments to an internet Drivethru rpger Mathew S ;"Paul - I love anybody who wants to do something properly antediluvian. I don't know if it was your intent, but this feels to me like a Traveller-dude doing his personal version of the classic Arcanum-Atlantis. I'm curious, though: why have the Atlanteans culturally-colonized by non-Atlanteans? That seems a bit odd, at first glance." 
Paul Elliot responses  are  telling on several levels; "I was trying to do the jigsaw of who goes where when it sinks! Just fiction, but in this setting the Atlanteans flee east and settle as the Sumerians. But the Greeks describe Atlantis in Greek terms, so I merged the two ideas. Greeks aren’t Atlanteans, Atlanteans come from some other lost continent. And Plato does talk about a war between Atlantis and the Greek cities." 

" I wanted the Atlanteans to feel a little more alien and remote, a Greek-based Atlantean civilization wouldn't feel that way, it would be familiar. The Sumerian culture with an undercurrent of terrifying Lovecraftian magic and cults, sets up Atlantis as an untrustworthy and alien super-civilisation that is due a fall .." 

This bit right here is pretty interesting because it get's into a fact that many people seem to forget today. The Atlanteans had it coming! That's right the Atlanteans had it coming in Warlords of Atlantis. They were messing with Lovecraftian & dark powers that should have been left alone. If we take the Viking analog culture's magick  within 
Cartridge Games Runes for Barbaric ( a pay what you want title) as a bench mark for some of the magickal fall out from the Atlanteans magical machinations. Then we begin to see the signs that things are not good for the Atlanteans. 

It is not out of the realm of possibility that the Atlanteans were selling slaves to the Greys during this time for Stella Gemma's 'These Stars Are Ours' campaign in exchange for either super science or sorcerous forbidden knowledge. 
The human population in 'These Stars Are Ours' didn't happen over night. This sector population explosion was well established during the latter ages. 

Some of the  Atlanteans could come along with their slaves as cultural consultants for the Greys. And then be seeded as a part of a colony project & these interstellar colonies could be some of the ruins found within the Clement Sector. Why would the Greys establish such large scale interstellar colonies out in the void of the Clement Sector??! 
The answer is simple  rare earths and radioactives! This could go a long way towards establishing some of the huge tracks of ruins within the asteroids of DM Steve's 'These Stars Are Ours!' campaign which laid the foundation for Stella Gemma's Uranium Fever. 

For myself it would not be unheard of for a group of Atlanteans & their slaves to be found within the confines of the Clement Sector. A long group of survivors trying to make it on the fringes of the sector. How they got there is a mystery and why their there remains to be seen?! 

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