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Review & Commentary On Ships of Clement Sector 16: Rucker-class Merchant For the Clement Sector Rpg, Cepheus Engine rpg, & 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Campaign

"Independence Games is proud to present the sixteenth entry in our line of products dedicated to the starships of Clement Sector. 

Ships of Clement Sector 16 covers the Rucker-class merchant vessel which is the most commonly found ship in Clement Sector.  Building on the information found in The Clement Sector Core Setting Book, Ships of Clement Sector 16 lovingly details this mainstay of Clement Sector's shipping lanes.

Commonly called "Odd Job", the ship is renowned for its reliability and easy customization.  While the Rucker's most common role is being the favored vessel of free trading merchants, the ship has been used for everything from a cargo hauler to a music stage to a system defense vessel.  All in a day's work for the "Odd Job".

Within these pages, you will find the standard Rucker as well as these popular variants:

Passenger Variant - A Rucker modified with comfort of passengers in mind.  Replacing cargo space with luxury!

Cargo Variant - Used by merchants who would rather sacrifice passenger space for more cargo.  No pesky transiters! 

Casino Variant - An opulent modification allowing for a traveling gambling experience for high rollers!

System Defense - For the less wealthy system, the Rucker system defense variant can be the perfect answer.  Modified to be armed with a particle beam barbette, this ship can strike fear into marauders and pirates!

Missile Boat - Modified to hold a missile bay in the bow of the ship, this variant can pack a mighty punch against those who would attack shipping in your system! 

Ships of Clement Sector 16: Rucker-class Merchant comes complete with beautiful views of the ship.  The Rucker is presented with full deckplans and statistics to make your use of our product simple, easy, and fun. In addition, the ship comes with a set of adventure hooks to get your characters right into the action as well as two short stories written by Bradley Warnes.

Though designed specifically with our Clement Sector setting in mind, the Rucker will be at home in any science fiction setting.

Get on board!  Adventure awaits!"

We're gonna pick up right from here & this blog entry from yesterday.  I went to Independence Games & said I want starships used by adventurers, outlaws, and those working their way across the Clement Sector. Remember the Clement sector has been cut off from Earth for a long time & only now has the doorways between worlds been open. So the Rucker-class Merchant is another ship where adventurers, spacers, & the like can serve their way across the frontier of the Clement Sector. The Rucker-class Merchant is the perfect ship for this. Regardless of the job there's a Rucker-class Merchant variant for it. 
And it from with the ranks of the  Rucker-class Merchant  these starships that earned their way across the frontier of the Space Western frontier of the Clement Sector. We get histories, variants, adventure hooks, sub systems, and everything that we need to form the basis for a campaign involving a Rucker-class Merchant starship at it center. And  Ships of Clement Sector 16: Rucker-class Merchant has all of the tools for a sucessful campaign. 

Take for example  The Cascadia Adventures which features the Rucker-class Merchant & the same crew that appears within Ships of Clement Sector 16: Rucker-class Merchant is a perfect add on. A starship that can get the player's PC's from here to there as well as back again without too much fuss. Or as much fuss as needed. There some great lead in's and adventure hooks that also make 
Ships of Clement Sector 16: Rucker-class Merchant a must have. Michael Johnson's writing is on point bringing the Rucker-class Merchant & its variants to life. And this is solid for hooking this into the Clement Sector setting. 
Ships of Clement Sector 16: Rucker-class Merchant For the Clement Sector Rpg is a solid addition to the spacecraft of the Clement Sector. And perfect for adventurers looking to score in the Clement Sector. 

 Ships of Clement Sector 16: Rucker-class Merchant For the Clement Sector Rpg Is Available Right Here. 

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