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Review & Commentary The Type R Subsidized Merchant Operators Manual For the Clement Sector rpg , Cepheus Engine rpg, or Your Old School 2d6 Science Fiction rpg Campaigns

"Lifeblood of the interstellar economy, the 400-ton Subsidized Merchant works the trade routes hauling everything from live cattle to processed diamonds – in bulk. Few other cargo ships have the Type R’s versatility and capacity. It boasts a 200 ton roll-on/roll-off cargo deck, a streamlined hull allowing to touchdown exactly where that cargo is needed and a 20-ton launch for fast passenger turnaround.
It is the Boeing 747 of its day, yet built in far greater numbers.

The Operator’s Manual provides you with the essential guide to this famous starship; it focuses on one particular example: the ICSS Constantine and its crew. Tour the ship, find out how it loads and unloads, explore the numerous variants that have been built and discover just what passengers
get up to while on-board.

The Type R Operator’s Manual is packed with features:

  • New, revised deck plans
  • 3 sets of plans included (Standard Type R, Type RA Assault and Type RS 'Stubbie')
  • Crew details, with skills and characteristics and duties
  • Ten variants including a tanker, research ship and fighter carrier
  • Full walk-through of the deck plan
  • Eight elevations showing the liveries of various operators
  • Deck plans and details of the 20-ton Modular Launch
  • The 5-ton Parasite Fighter, carried on the Fighter Carrier Variant
  • The Scarab cargo container loader – a new vehicle
  • 66 dramatic, unusual or interesting events en-route
  • Detailed ship’s locker
  • Ship Sheet for use in-game

“ICSS Constantine ... cleared for landing, pad four, winds south one-seven, switch channel
one-zero-zero-nine . Make this a Khe Sanh approach, boys, the locals will open up with thirty
mils as soon as they hear your engines. Watch for the flashes of their guns on the ridge
nine-zero-zero metres to the north. Loaders are prepped for your touch-down...
expect a turn-around of one-five minutes, but there WILL be mortar rounds incoming.
Good luck Constantine. Tower out.”

This book is for the Mongoose edition of Traveller and set in the Third Imperium,
although it could fit in just about any other setting."

Moontoad Publishing is the proven source for the Cepheus Engine rpg goodness & they have a clone of one of my all time favorite starships. This is  the 400-ton Subsidized Merchant which works the trade routes hauling everything from live cattle to processed diamonds - in bulk.

The Type R Subsidized Merchant Operators Manual is very well done. And Type R Subsidized Merchant Operators Manual is perfect for the Clement Sector. These ships are the cargo transport for their sector's. The book is very well done & has some awesome plans. This is the ship that I want to do a 'Firefly' style campaign with. 

 The Type R Subsidized Merchant is a trader or  operator's ship in otherwords this is a small adventurer's starship perfect for a four or five man crew. This is the type of starship is a cargo coach for a Space Western campaign. Everything within this ship screams small trading company perfect for the average spacer or adventurer. The  Devil is in the details of the The Type R Subsidized Merchant. And those details make  the Type R Subsidized Merchant starship a good choice for the Clement Sector. Why?! Because of the fact that for a party of adventurers this is a ship that makes hauling cargo between adventures a perfect framing device to introduce even more complications to the adventurers lives.

The Type R Subsidized Merchant starship is a good solid starship for groups looking to make a name for themselves & have jobs hauling cargo between adventures in space. The Type R Subsidized Merchant is a well developed ship perfect for a 'Fire Fly style adventure campaign to center the space action around. The plans are nicely laid out, the material is well developed, & The Type R Subsidized Merchant is a nice space craft. 

The Type R Subsidized Merchant Operators Manual Is Available Right Here. 

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