Friday, January 28, 2022

Review & Commentary on Ship Book:A2L Far Trader By Michael Johnson From Moontoad Publishing For Cepheus Engine rpg & Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Rpg Campaign

The A2 Far Trader; a common classification for a myriad of similar specification vessels in use throughout the vast Third Imperium.

Perhaps the most recognisable far trader design, the Empress Marava and the Jayhawk class provide the basis for a bigger and more capable class of far trader, the A2L and the A3L.This publication provides details for these new far trader designs."

If there's a design that meant to show up in Space Western campaigns then its Moontoad Publishing's Ship Book:A2L Far Trader By Michael Johnson. So what makes Ship Book:A2L Far Trader so important!? What really makes the  A2L Far Trader so iconic?! Its the fact that the A2L Far Trader holds more of a crew then your average star ship?! Nope, its the fact that the A2L Far Trader & its variants are ships that are incontrol of thier trade routes. And the fact that the A2L Far Trader is a ship that is built for adventuring in every sense of the word. 
But between the tons of cargo room or the fact that  the entire ship is built around said hold. The A2L Far Trader is the perfect ship for adventurers to run an interstellar business around. 
 Given the distances between stars in the Earth Sector & the Clement sector. The 
Ship Book:A2L Far Trader has the perfect set of starships to take high end cargos across these sectors.  The A2L is the perfect hyperspace jump ship to bring your cargos across the Clement or the Earth sectors. 

The variants and the main ship plans of the Ship Book:A2L Far Trader are perfect for the DM who wants to deliver a starship that has the potential for some teeth. The pirates & outlaw sects of both the Earth sector & Clement might have a bit of a harder time with the A2L Far Trader. This is due to the fact thatA2L Far Trader crews are experienced & well versed in interstellar trade. You can see this in the A2L Far Trader starship & its variants.  The fact is Moontoad Publishing has done a great job bringing in the A2L Far Trader By Michael Johnson for use at the table top level. 

The  Ship Book:A2L Far Trader By Michael Johnson From Moontoad Publishing Is Available Right Here 

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