Friday, January 14, 2022

The Subzero Manta Adapted From the Godzilla The Series Cartoon For Cepheus Atom & Your 2d6 Science Fantasy Campaigns

Spawned in the frigid waters between the Inner Earth & the Subzero layers of Earth within the Earth's mantel. The Subzero manta species is a menace to man & Kuiju alike because they prey on life force of both mankind & other giant monsters. 

Because of its deep connection to the ice elemental fields of the Earth the subzero manta species has developed highly unususal ice powers & breath weapons. The monster is capable of emitting an icy breath weapon capable of stopping other Kuiju cold. The best then moves in to feed upon the body warmth & life force of the prey. 

Sub Zero Manta 
# appearing 1d6
24/50, Move 30m (fly), Armor 10, Bite (melee 5D damage) and 2 claws (melee 2D each) or Ice breath (3D Ice  damage to up to 3 adjacent targets; may Contaminate; throw Survival 6+ to resist). Combat-3, Physical-2, Survival-2

The subzero manta species has been observed to hang out within icy caverns deep within the boundry outside of the inner Earth. The species of Kuiju was discoverd in 1935 by Dr. Hans Zimmer who used the blood of the manta species to try & produce Nazi supersoldiers during World War II. They did after a fashion creating soldiers capable of surviving in extremely cold temperatures but whose bodies would begin to melt in temperate weather. 
The Subzero manta usually operates in flocks of five or six specimens when tracking pray on the boundries of the Inner Earth. This species of monster has been seen hunting at  both the South Pole & the Antarctica Inner Earth openings. These are a highly dangerous & agressive monster species. 

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