Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Review & Commentary On Justice Denied by Joseph Mohr From Old School Role Playing For The Cepheus Engine rpg & Old School 2d6 Science Fiction rpg's

"Logan Murphy was a ruthless dictator on the world of Casudxe for nearly a decade before abdicating power. Now the Prime Minister of that world wants him brought to justice. He was recently sighted on a water world in the Sonora sector. Capturing him there should be a piece of cake"

 Justice Denied by Joseph Mohr From Old School Role Playing is the latest offering from the pen of Joseph Mohr. And its a solid premise that sounds like it comes straight out of a space western; "Logan Murphy is a much hated name in the Sonara sector. He was a ruthless and despicable dictator that ruled Casudxe for nearly a decade before the planet rebelled. After he abdicated and fled the world the planet formed the Rihesian Union of Planets. The union is made up of planets that only desire free trade and democratic leadership according to their propaganda. His time in power is full of stories of mass executions, secret police crackdowns, purges and gulags on remote islands on that world. Few people still live who can actually identify him by sight. Recently, however, one of those few witnesses saw a man who he believes to be Logan Murphy on the water world of Palob. This world is nearly completely covered in water but has a few populated islands. The main island there is highly populated and the world is the sub-sector capital but the other islands are nearly totally uninhabited. It is believed by the patron that Logan has taken refuge at a secret base on one of these lesser inhabited islands." The PC's are hired to raid Logans base. But events could go from bad to worse in  Justice Denied
Things are not quite as cut & dry as they seem because let's face facts that in a space adventure such as this. Justice Denied clocks in at twenty pages but Mohr uses those twenty pages to lay down complications, an adventure twist around & more. Palob is a remote water world with a few scattered islands & the PC's are hired to bring Logan Murphy to justice. 
Murphy owns an island locally and has quite the reputation within the instellar world where his crimes have been compared to Stalin, Ivan The Terrible, and Hitler. But there are several twists & turns within  Justice Denied to keep things interesting.  Justice Denied has plenty of room for combat, and ultra violence.  Justice Denied is an adventure that works very well as a spy mission & raid. PC's are going to have to be careful becaus there's plenty of room for PC death in this one. 

 Justice Denied is a solid possibly three or four session of play for the Cepheus  Engine and its very well exacuted. The NPC's are fun, the ideas while not original are solidly done & the cartography is fun. There will be advenure complications for the PC's & the enemies are going to possibly going to get the upper hand at a few points. Because  Justice Denied is twenty pages the PC's are going to have to move fast, make decisions quickly and get answers where & when they can. 

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