Saturday, January 15, 2022

Adapting Joseph Mohr's 'The Thing In The Ice' To Zozer Game's Hostile Rpg

 Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a huge John Carpenter's The Thing fan going back to when I saw the film really young back when HBO used to show movies on late nights. So when DM Steve wanted me to run Joseph Mohr's 'The Thing in The Ice', we all jumped at the chance! 

But in doing so we all opted to use Zozer Games Hostile rpg rules for running these sesssions. And yes there is a John Carpenter 'thing encounter' written into the Hostile setting rules. But we're going to use that as a follow up to 'The Thing in The Ice'. But there are other adventure considerations. 
 'The Thing in Ice' is going to be moved back to the really far outer edges of the Sol solar system near Pluto. The following is going to be changed up a bit; "It is well known across the Sonora sector that the planet Saresere is a frozen planet with no atmosphere. Despite these harsh conditions the Kon Lo Corporation has a small station on the world mining precious minerals. Of course....this is the story planted by the corporation to keep preying eyes from taking too close a look. Instead of miners there are scientists on this world excavating for alien artifacts and relics. They maintain a small complex of buildings on the surface of the planet. Recently all contact with these scientists has been lost. While in Star Port the travelers are approached by Corporate Executive Isidora Sato from the Kon Lo Corporation with an offer of employment. He offers CR 100,000 for the travelers to visit Saresere and find out what is going on there. He instructs the travelers that they will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before accepting the money." 

The mystery element is changed to Helium 3 & the planet is an outer undiscovered ( at the moment) moon of Pluto. The miners have uncovered something very nasty in the ice & man still is the warmest place to hide. The creature encountered is truly alien and its not one of the usual species of Cepheus Engine aliens or  creatures. This isn't the usual 'thing' but we're going to replace that with the usual thing from Hostile. The space explorer has been coOped by the 'thing' but there are three secondary targets here: 
  1. The FTL drive systems on board the alien craft.. 
  2. The starcharts on board the star ship 
  3. Any technological artifacts that can be recovered 

Now we could run Joseph Mohr's 'The Thing in The Ice' straight 'out of the box' but the problem is that one of the players has read the adventure. So rather then doing a complete revamp to make it a bit more down  & dirty. But about 90% of the adventure is going to be in tact. 

There's going to be a mix here of roughnecks & explorers who have blazed a trail out to this icy rock. And its the perfect excuse to use Zozer Games Explorers for a secondary camp for this party on another nearby rock within the system. 

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