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Using Zozer Games Colony Builder By Paul Elliot For The Hostile rpg & 2d6 Campaign Setting Construction

 Games Colony Builder By Paul Elliot is a essentially a mini game of colony construction for a Hostile or 2d6 Science Fiction rpg campaigns. And its the mini campaign setting aspect that floors me, its a sort of mini game within the role playing game itself. Its this aspect that even described within the Colony Builder's description;"COLONY BUILDER is a supplement for the Cepheus Engine roleplaying game and the HOSTILE setting. It provides all of the tools that players need to create their own living and breathing extrasolar colonies. Take a budget and spend it wisely, and keep in mind your environment – every world is potentially hostile! Once built, your players can take up the roles of key personnel and get to manage the fledgling colony, leading the colonists in the struggle against hunger, air-loss, earthquakes, alien parasites and more… Play out the problems, the solutions, the casualties across the course of a year; can you keep the colony going, will it thrive? Or will the corporate auditors swoop in to try and shut you down? 

Colony Builder is not a small supplement clocking in at a hundred & seventy eight pages of colony building goodness. Instellar colonies are the heart & soul of a Hostile rpg campaign and not simply a horror movie set piece. These colonies are the adventure setting for a Hostile rpg game but they can be so much more then that. They can produce vast amounts of resources, enconomic backbones for the adventurers, and more then just a place to rest your head. Colonies are the stepping stone for spacers to get into the vast dark wine of instellar space. 
If the Clement Sector is the Old Western setting of Cepheus Engine then Hostile is the great Age of Corporate exploration & exploitation of instellar space. The horror happens betweeen points. 
Instellar colonies are investiments in terms of both adventure & campaign for a Hostile rpg game. They represent the future of a corporation's push into a sector or system. And huge profits for said corporation. 

Colony Builder provides so many challenges within the building & hisory of an interstellar colony that it becomes a bit of a brush with the fate of the dice to see what will befall a colony. And the most mundane things or events can brush a colony well into the diaster area of the spectrum. 
Eventually with the grace of the DM gods & a good set of dice rolls  a colony may thrive & here's where the fun begins. The natural resources, productions, & manufacturing of products can provide the colony with its reason for existence. And this reasoning folds right into the point & purpose of Colony Builder. 

Not only does this point up some of the long term goals for the colony but the fact that the colony itself could become a player in its own right over the years as it moves up the ranks for its imporance to the corporate ladder. This means that the colony could become a major point of interest to the corporation as a center of production, a headquarters to the corporation, a bastion of R&D, a point of interest for the Science division, the list of the good fates for a colony are endless. 
Because this is plugged into a colony's fate then it goes back into the idea of the colony being a stepping stone into the dark wine black of space. The colony is mother, nurturer, provider, and all around shelter for the colonists, and the adventurers. 

Is Colony Builder necessary for a good game campaign of Hostile?! No but it damn sure helps to move & motivate a campagin along. Colony Builder has all of the tools & tool boxes for doing fine interstellar colonies on the frontier of space. Can Colony Builder be used for other 2d6 Science Fiction campaigns?! Absolutely it could and should be! 

 Zozer Games Colony Builder By Paul Elliot For The Hostile rpg  & 2d6 Campaign Settings Is Available Right Here. 

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