Friday, January 7, 2022

Review & Commentary On 21 Villains From Indendence Games For The Clement Sector Rpg, Cepheus Engine Rpg, & 2d6 Old School Science Fiction Rpg Campaigns

 "Where would the good guys be without the villains?

21 Villains provides 21 assorted antagonists to use against your characters.  From street thugs to dictators, this volume has them all!  Each villain comes complete with illustrations by expert artist Bradley Warnes and background history, stats and goals with which to challenge your characters. "

A Space Western campaign  especially the Clement Sector needs good villains! There happens to be a great little book called 21 Villains from Independence Games.21 Villains has NPC villains for every type of Space Western campaign. 

21 Villains has all of the NPC's that your party of adventurers can handle. John Watts, Bradley Warnes, Michael Johnson, Alan Mullican, "Big" Dan Callahan, Paul Santiago, &  Vaughn Wright weave their NPC's to cause your player's PC's all kinds of hassle. These NPC's are prime fodder for a group of bounty hunters, law dogs, and law enforcement characters. There are all kinds of NPC's that go from low level grifters to straight assassin. This is a massive collection of solidly done criminals, low lifes, & murderers. For the Old West feel of the Clement Sector. This smaller 46 page book has some excellent potential for a Clement Sector game. 

 21 Villains has an interesting array of NPC's that will cause many unlawful issues for PC's. Many of these NPC's have no quams about straight up murdering PC's at all. Others are minor villians who can cause issues with a party some of which could be major such as a critical juncture during a campaign.  There's also the fact that the NPC's within  21 Villains are going to be active attending their own agenda's. These NPC's are highly active within the Clement Sector & they will cross paths with the PC's. 
For a space western campaign setting 
21 Villains offers the NPC's to bring a Clement Sector campaign setting to life.  21 Villains is a solidly done book, not essential for the Clement Sector but for a one on one book this is a good one to have for constructing a campaign. 

21 Villains From Indendence Games For The Clement Sector Rpg Available Right Here 

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