Friday, January 21, 2022

Insterstellar Colony Campaign Set Up With New Liberty For The Clement Sector

 Fading back to the idea of the Space Western, we're thinking of fading back to the idea of the  PC's beginnning the Clement Sector in the New Liberty holiday colony. The Clement Sector's subsectors could easily support this little Western style colony on the world of the Frontier. But there's a lot more to the colony then at first might meet the player's PC's eyes. 

The New Liberty colony terrority has some excellent potential as a gold, silver, & rare Earth metals resource. This is going to draw all kinds of NPC's to the colony. The use of archaic guns is easily explained with some strange radioactive element that causes bad reactions in modern gun powder. The older 'cowboy' mixes don't have this problem. 
Now New Liberty is the perfect venue to host a bunch of vile villains & some of these are easily teased up & transported from 21 Villians from Independence Games. 

New Liberty has some advantages as a world & not simply its mineral wealth but its position in space just off of the major interstellar trade routes. And the fact that the O'Malley Crime Family has interests on New Liberty. This give the crime syndicate a far greater advantages on this world. There's also kinds of faction within New Liberty & the player's have no idea of the hornet's nest that their walking into! 

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