Wednesday, December 22, 2021

The Great Print Job of 2021 - Hyperborea Rpg By Northwind Adventures & Campaigns Fly Through

 So we've got the local print shop dealing with printing out the Hyperborea Rpg by Jeffrey Talanian pdf. The books are not going to drop until April. But the players don't want to wait that long. 

Hyperborea Rpg By Northwind Adventures pdf landed a couple of days ago & we've had a bit of time these days to get OSR & Appendix N resources ready to go. The idea here is to possibly have one or two alternative Hyperborean campaign settings ready to go on the table top. The campaign settings are not new ones to readers of this blog. Edgar Rice Burroughs/Clark Ashton Smith  Mars & a Clark Aston Smith's Zothique as moons of Saturn. 

Now given the fact that about 99% of Hyperborea is Stone Age technologies or in the wilderness areas down right Prehistoric. The fact is that the players are going to start around the capital area & then begin working their way into the wilderness. The capital & some of the outlining areas are Middle Ages and possibly high Middle Ages of technology means that all of these are going to be impacted by the seasons of Hyperborea as a whole. You've got years of good weather affected by the harshed conditions imaginable. So it makes sense that adventuring happens in the Summer months meaning that adventuring season is an event. 

Overall there's going to be a lot of thought put into the idea & preparation for adventuring. Adventuring is a career on Hyperborea. And this affects & impacts pretty much every other aspect of a PC's life. The idea that yes you are an Ixian wizard but your wizard school sold you off to a rich noble as his wizard. Casts your role in a party in a much different light then your standard party of adventurers. Being a royal on Hyperborea is much closer to a 'survive or die' attitude then your standard European royal of a similar era. 
And there have been hints of Late Roman empire's impact on Hyperborea?! We don't actually know what these are.. yet. But given Rome's yearning conquests could the North Wind be off their sights?! 
All of these are random thoughts as of this moment I have not read through these massive tomes! 

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