Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Review & Commentary On Warren Publishing's UFO & Alien Comix's magazine For Your Old School 2d6 Science Fiction Rpg Campaigns

 So let's return for a moment to Zozer Games Attack Squadron Roswell a supplement for Mongoose Traveller. 

Sorting the internet archive is like sorting through the mind of a madman, one never knows what one will come across. UFO & Alien comix magazine from Warren Publishing came in 1977 at the height of the 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' movie & UFO craze. 

'U.F.O.'  gives a story about an invasion from an Artic staging area. The PC's could easily come in as military investigators right into the middle of this scenario. 
'Daddy & the Pie Part I & II' is about a 1920's teen's relationship with a cosmic level powered alien that has deep remifications for the Earth. The PC's could be involved with finding & reading the journal that the father kept in his youth. The PC's could well be involved in the hunting down of the father whose gone underground & possibly on the run. Pie could be considered one of the most dangerous aliens that a group of PC's could encounter. 

'Companions To The Sun' the PC's come in at the tail end of this adventure of a survivor & his relationship with a crashed alien craft. The PC's must find out what effect that the PC's see with the alien. 
'The Generations of Noah' the PC's get wind of a cult of intergalatic Noah followers who are actually right! But could this be happening in alternative time line to the PC's but have deep implications for their own Earth?! 

'Visitation at Pliny Marsh' a U.F.O. lands in a rural Virgina swampland & animates the corpse of a murder victim. The murdered corpse of Joseph Prentiss. Upon his re-awakening, he seeks vengance on his murderers, only to be stopped by the visiting alien. The PC's stumble into the middle of the reaimated dead lead in & the visitation of an alien! 

Even though these stories are reprints from old Warren magazines mostly Creepy & Eerrie these stories are perfect material for old school 2d6 inspiration. Its hard to remember what an impact that 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' had back then as well as the stir that films like 'Earth vs The Flying Saucers' had. 

And all of this including Zozer Games Attack Squadron Roswell could easily be combined with Baggage games Shadowfell. This is a perfect combination with an alternative Earth Fifties or Sixties era. Combined with the UFO & Alien comix magazine this paints an Earth at the tidal forces of Lovecraftian horror. A very small blue marble indeed at the mercy of forces beyond the ken of mankind. 

Baggage games Shadowfell the Lovecraftian entities might be the least of the cosmic alien monsters threatening the Earth. The Elder Things, Dagon's brood, & more could be the least of the issues that the PC's have. 

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