Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Encounter With The Unknown - Play Session Recap #4 - ACK's Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu & Colonial Troopers Knight Hawks rpg

 The players in last night's game are beginning to suspect the extent of Rogar and Zeglin the two mercenary warlords plans for the planet as they came into one of the castles from   B2 'In Search of the Unknown' by Mike Carr. This is going to pick directly from this blog entry & session report here.   Our crossover campaign 'After the Fall of Man'  is in full swing. This is a part of our on going ' The Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu'  & Colonial Troopers campaign.

The Caverns of Quasqueton hold some rather dangerous magictechnologies & are filled with weird radiations. They've also detected on the far side of the planet some sort of unknown 'sky chariot that the locals referred to. 
Several of Rogar's 'eternal guardians' were activated which turned out to be security droids and the PC's were able to save two of them. Their psychic has been going crazy because of the fact that's detected that Rogar and Zeglin are still on the planet but only very faintly! The party is still itching to get to  Jeff “Bighara” Sparks 'pay what you' want adventure 'The Hidden Serpent'. This location is another of the fortresses that  Rogar and Zeglin the two mercenary warlords own. 

For the moment the party has parleyed with the local wizard guild & magic academy for far more details on the magic academy coming straight out of Skirmisher Publishing's 100 Oddities for an Arcane Academy

St. Albertus is an arcane academy level 4 that has been helping the local exo planet that has suffered harshly under the onslaught that was leveled at them ages ago. Sorcerers from the academy have been acting as agents healing, helping, and moving the plans of the academy along on the exo planet. Meanwhile the planet has reverted to a Thundarr The Barbarian like existence. Then there is the nanite mutations planetside. 

The player's PC's did help the school by dealing with a rather nasty slime that threatened one of the side halls of the academy. What the players don't know is that it came from the Wizarding Ways [BUNDLE] from Skirimisher that I grabbed on cyberMonday. 

The slime came as a sample from one of the academy's sorcerer agents planetside on the exoworld. The PC's have only found out in this weekend's game. What other secrets is the academy hiding?! 

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