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Review & Commentary On Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia by John Watts from Independence Games For The Cepheus Engine

An entire subsector at your fingertips!

The second edition of the Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia covers subsector H of our Clement Sector setting.  The book details the twenty populated systems within the Cascadia subsector.  Within the pages of this book you learn about the religious democracy on Roskilde, the expansionists of the Cascadia system, the beloved dictatorship on Gagnon, the isolationist Monrovians, and the decadence of Chance."

Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia
by John Watts from Independence Games is a great little gem of a supplement for 2d6 Cepheus Engine or alternative old school Traveller. It clocks in 149 pages & its an interesting read through. 

It basically presents a whole subsector to explore & its a fun little subsector with a wide variety of planets that present some great little opportunities to introduce new interstellar factions, aliens, and weird twists on the usual Cepheus Engine or old school Traveller rpg opportunities. And this book is set firmly within the Clement sector; "This book is intended to provide a   Referee with a subsector full of adventure for his or her players.    It can be used as an adjunct to an existing game or be used as the basis of a new campaign. This book contains a full subsector located within Clement Sector, a sector which is the basis of our company’s science fiction setting.  While the first edition of this book was meant to be more setting neutral, this second edition is firmly set in our Clement Sector setting.    There are three other subsector sourcebooks which are also part of this growing setting.    Those books cover Franklin, Sequoyah and Hub subsectors.    Cascadia is located to trailing (or left if you are looking at the map lying flat on a table) of Hub subsector." 

But don't let that fool you! 
Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia  is full of fully fleshed out worlds each with their own unique style & substance. The best place for using 
Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia  is as sort of back point campaign setting with its worlds being very well realized places of  adventure. These world should be  off the main of the Clement interstellar campaign setting. This isn't to say that Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia isn't full adventure for Clement sector. 

Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia should be considered as an alternative adventure show point to the main Clement Sector. A place where the PC's can muck about for years & then be brought into the main stage of Clement. The year is 2342 may be the year of  Cascadia
Each of the worlds is outlined with physical traits, quick overview, world population, etc. and then a general overview of the world itself. There are definitely smaller factions, pieces of local adventure, & more presented on the wave length for the Clement Sector: The Rules

Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia  taps into the headlands of rules that the Clement Sector: The Rules uses. This is a setting where the manufacturing base, spacecraft, etc. are very localized on the interstellar setting. Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia plugs into this and the writing makes it clear what the local scenes are and these are very spread out, some at odds, and the opportunities for adventure abound.  Is Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia worth getting?! I think so as it shows a subsector perfectly suited to hosted your PC's and yet big enought to use for many years to come. 

Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia
Is available right over here!   

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