Friday, December 31, 2021

The Long Road To The Clement Sector - Interstellar Campaign Commentary on Bringing In The Rider Rpg

 The Space Western campaign is shaping up thanks to Independence Games Clement Sector. This blog post is going to pick up right from here. The town of New Liberty is a perfect base & point for intergalactic adventurers. And when you crank up the Clement Sector what comes into focus. 

When it comes to Independence Games Rider rpg its a massive 2d6 beast of a game & it clocks in at three hundred & fifty six pages of Old Western goodness. Now I've no intension of running it as such but instead right along the Clement Sector campaign book. The thing to remember is that the Clement sector has been cut off from Earth & it could be looked as the new frontier! The Clement sector is rthe open Old West frontier in many ways. Wide open interstellar distances, vast resources, incredible opportunities, and the perfect setting for a Space Western campaign.

These adventure elements are perfectly aligned for pirate & outlaw gangs of criminials. And this brings in the 21 Pirate Group which has the Red Talon Cartel, the fanatics of The Righteous Few or the horrors  of The Dark Terror organization. These organizations are perfect for an outlaw campaign or a marshal series of adventures. 

A good opening for such a Space Western campaign is the Long Road to Redemption campaign;"In this two-part campaign adventure, the characters are asked to take some unusual cargo from Boone in Sequoyah Subsector to Dashwood in Dade Subsector.  No problem there, right?  Just a standard run." Yeah sure it is. This is a perfect campaign to add in more Western elements from the Rider Rpg. The Wild West elements such as the Old West town being stands in for the pop up colonies on E type worlds is a solid anology. Why?! Because these pieces of adventure stage pieces are fimiliar to players. The use of Old West guns are very iconic and the list goes on. Here are ten reasons why the Clement Sector works for the Space Western: 
  1. The Clement Sector is an excellent adventure anology for the Old Western fiction. 
  2. Pirates & Outlaws are perfect for creating the greyness of Western fiction. 
  3. Adventures are able to take in Cepeheus Engine rpg adventure elements without a radical amount of conversions. 
  4. PC's matter are not super heroes! They can be cinematic but not necessarily super heroes. 
  5. Space Westerns are very easy for players across a wide spectrum of players. 
  6. Clement Sector is rife for mini campaigns of the Cepheus Engine rpg. This means that players & DM's can pick up or drop the material as needed. 
  7. Adventures have beginnings, middles, and ends even though the campaigns are open ended. 
  8. The Clement Sector has lots of the adventure opportunities for a dungeon master. 
  9. Because resources are scare in certain parts of the Clement Sectors the gear & equipment is essence of simplicity hence the Space Western elements. 
  10. Space Westerns have a satisfaction bout their adventures and are comparible to old Fifties TV Old  West television show episodes. 
All of these elements can be traced back to the Rider Rpg! The rpg has so many excellent Old West bits & bobs that it feels like someone squeezed the Old West into rpg form. 

And if you think this isn't the case with old Hollywood Old West films?! I give you the Fire Fly tv show! The Clement Sector tickles the same nerves as Fire Fly at least it does for me. 

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