Thursday, December 2, 2021

Rage & Ruin - The Return of Dark Albion's 'Elves' Added 'One Shot' Campaign Commentary


This blog entry is going to pick right up from yesterday's blog enrty here.  If we're going to talk really nasty & dangerous antgonist NPC's in a Fantastic Heroes & Witchery rpg campaign then we're gonna have to talk about the fact that Dark Albion's Elves are evil incarnate. And 'the RPGPundit Presents: The Old School Companion 1' From Spectre Press brings this fact home in spades. 

Because when it comes to the Elves of  Dark Albion you are looking face to face with the true servants of Chaos with a capital 'C'. These things are baby stealing, soul munching, soul draining horrors from beyond the pale who once ruled most of Europe. And they'd love to again. The ruins & remains of the Elves are scattered all over Dark Europe. And its this fact that seems to drive scholars crazy because the reality of the Elves of legend seems to be fading. Because they were exiled to the 'Twilight Realm' according to 'The Old School Campanion. But if we look into Wiki's Elves entry the following comes up; "

Identifying elves with the demons of Judaeo-Christian-Mediterranean tradition.[9] For example:Elves appear as demonic forces widely in medieval and early modern English, German, and Scandinavian prayers"
This cement's the Elves of Dark Albion as something between demonic & Fairy, perhaps one of the left over races of the Pagan gods not destroyed during the Biblical Flood. And how does this squire with D&D Elves?! It doesn't & nor does it have to. 
The Elves of D&D fare are actually cattle to the true Elves of Dark Albion. The Dark Albion Elves have passed themselves off as 'pagan gods' and took full advantage of local populations while feeding enmass under the cover of plague or disaease; "Scholars have at times also tried to explain beliefs in elves as being inspired by people suffering certain kinds of illnesses (such as Williams syndrome).[28] Elves were certainly often seen as a cause of illness, and indeed the English word oaf seems to have originated as a form of elf: the word elf came to mean 'changeling left by an elf' and then, because changelings were noted for their failure to thrive, to its modern sense 'a fool, a stupid person; a large, clumsy man or boy'.[29] However, it again seems unlikely that the origin of beliefs in elves itself is to be explained by people's encounters with objectively real people affected by disease." 
And so this brings up the fact that perhaps the island of California has one or two Elven holdings. I haven't even remotely addressed the fact that both Drow & Elves will instinctively hate with a vengence these ancient Albion Elves. But there's a Chaos cult or two that has foot holds in these areas. 

So how will I be explaining this switch up of power from the serpent men?! I'm not because power vaccuums in D&D or AD&D are filled all of the time. And these Dark Albion Elves often pass themselves off as Pagan gods. They are quite capable of causing mayhem to anyone or anything they come across. 

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