Friday, December 10, 2021

Fang of the Serpent Men - I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City by David Cook And Amazing Adventures Campaign Recap

 So over the last three months our Amazing Adventures campaign has been on hold for the last three months. We had a very elaborate game campaign going on with  the PC's jumping from one alternative Earth to another. Sort of a Pulp version of Sliders with various PC's coming into and outta of the campaign.  The various classic D&D modules such as I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City by David Cook from 1981 are real & very much having an impact on the modern world of 1980. The cult of the Y erm serpent men is alive & very much running amok. This blog post is going to pick up right from here. The core of four players have a couple PC's with a changing roster of PC's. 

The driving force behind part of the campaign is the time displaced 19th century bounty Doc' Reagane whose been after the band of thieves who travel under the guise of   Dr. Theophilus' Traveling Show.  Yes, this traveling show moves from world to world under the mantra to rob anyone they come across.  And yes OSR guru David Baymiller did the traveling show.  Recently about three months ago they 'aquired' the  The Necklace of Harmonia for a wealthy client ( a rather nasty lich operating out of Alexandria. This had a rather attractive but dangerous minor Amazon princess join our party of adventurers.  Then the player's PC's ran afoul of the servants of Crom allowing Tom Holland raider of lost artifacts to join the party. The relics of Crom were returned implicating the serpent men of I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City by David Cook. 

There were rumors of the serpent men actually taking several other Amazon artifacts from museum across the Earth. And the PC's came across an Elven fighter named Prince Harmon who was being held captive for a slave auction. So we added another PC to the mix. 
And then everything ground to a halt because of one of our player's medical conditions. Unfortunately this condition isn't getting any better. And now to help fill in the gaps I've used Old Skull's Serpentine by Kent David Kelly


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