Thursday, December 30, 2021

Interstellar Campaign Commentary on New Liberty By John Watts From Independence Games For The Rider Rpg For The Cepheus Engine rpg

 "Welcome to New Liberty!

Please enjoy your stay.  Get a room at The New Liberty Hotel or Miss Esther's Boarding House!  Enjoy some entertainment at The Elkhorn Palace!  Get a drink at the Shining Star, some food at Dawson's, or play some faro at The Lucky 7."

"New Liberty is a town setting for Rider for use as a base of operations for your characters or as a location for adventure for those just passing through.  All of the buildings of the town are detailed as well as the NPCs who inhabit the town.  New Liberty comes with a wealth of information and several short adventures to get you started with Rider!

Though made with Rider, our Cepheus Engine Western in mind, this sourcebook can be used with any Western RPG or any place where a small Western-style town might fit.

Come on in to town!  We'd love to have you stay for a while! " 

New Liberty is by John Watts & its a campaign setting that's been on sitting on the hard drive for a while now. But its only recently that it's been staring at me opening files that it occurs that it needs some air time at our table. Recently with Independence Games revamping the Clement Sector as a Space Western setting that there's potential there for New Liberty. Now reading through Daniel's review on Drivethrurpg there's an interesting little aside from; "
They included a full history of the town from pre-establishment through the time of the SciFi era of the core Cepheus Engine products. They went on to offer some insight into how to use this product as a western town or a scifi small colony or back water world location. So whether you are playing a band of gunslingers from the 1800's or a crew of a starship in Fireflyesque style or a full on SciFi crew in their shinny spaceship just visiting a back water world, New Liberty can fit in and offer the game master a great setting with lots of creative and living NPCs." 

Now this campaign commentary comes into much sharper focus when we begin looking into the Clement Sector. New Liberty is a real back water planet with a solid core of mining & fuel sources that has mostly been forgotten by the rush of the Clement Sector. It hasn't been forgotten by the outlaw set however! There deposits of androcite ore that interfere with energy weapons & because of the low cost of 1900's weapons & ammo the colony has adopted these. 

The trade in several species of orginal gene cattle is incredibly lucrative and the cattle trade on New Liberty has been one of the best revenue streams for the colony. New Liberty has its literal cattle barons who have come to dominate the local system action. They compete, fight, and generally cause mayhem with one another but woe to the outside influence that interfere's in local business. 
The greater Clement Sector powers operate through ambassdors, agents, influencers & judges on the local New Liberty level. The New Liberty colony is rich in minerals, resources, and more making it an up & coming backwater colony world. 
New Liberty is available right here 

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