Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Mike Stewart's Victorious Rpg Mini Campaign - 'The Twelve Days of Saturnalia'! Session Update

 My wife & her friends are Steampunk fans & they've been bugging me to run a 12 days of Saturnalia holiday themed game mini campaign using Mike Stewart's Victorious Rpg! A cult has unleashed the dark side of the holidays & now 12 days of terror is upon London town. 

Ghosts & spirits associated with Christmas have manifest from the public's imagination & subconscious fears And they keep growing as they taste the Satutnalia occult energies. And these spirits & Fey begin to mount their presence in London. 

Meanwhile the Unseelie Fey courts are taking full advantage of this situation by uncorking the bottle and taking on the old mantles & titles again. Are we going to see Drow & the like!? Hell no! We will see Elves but that's due to the Castles & Crusades connection! And here's where Brian Young's Castles & Crusades Codex Celtarum 2nd Edition

The PC's are going to have to shut down the cult's ritual before things get out of hand & an avitar of Saturn comes to call! Thing could take a very dark turn if the PC's don't stop the festives from continue to take place. The dark cult figured that since Saturn is a god of production, wealth, & pleasure they could harness his power. And they couldn't be more wrong! Saturn is a complex and highly dangerous god in his own right. He is most likely to fry the cult for daring to summon him during one his high holy days! He or rather it is one of the most dangerous of the Greco Roman dieties; 

"By Saturn they seek to represent that power which maintains the cyclic course of times and seasons. This is the sense that the Greek name of that god bears, for he is called Cronus, which is the same as Chronos or Time. Saturn for his part got his name because he was "sated" with years; the story that he regularly devoured his own children is explained by the fact that time devours the courses of the seasons, and gorges itself "insatiably" on the years that are past. Saturn was enchained by Jupiter to ensure that his circuits did not get out of control, and to constrain him with the bonds of the stars.

— Quintus Lucilius Balbus,
as quoted by Cicero "

Will the PC's even likely survive?! Can they stop the festivities of a dark Saturnalia?! And where the Hell is Santa Claus in all this?! Tune in as things get weirder coming up!  

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